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08/04/14: New Oyster Study - the 'Little Pond'

Working on oysters at Belon, Brittany, France
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A new study ‘Shellfish Aquaculture Demonstration Project’ by Jerry Potamis and Town of Falmouth has just been issued.

The background lies in The Little Pond embayment system is located within the Town of Falmouth, on Cape Cod Massachusetts. The system has a southern shore surrounded by water from Vineyard Sound. The watershed for this salt pond system is distributed fully within the Town of Falmouth.
Sound waters in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s and was re-opened with a fixed inlet in the mid 1980’s. Currently, the inlet to Little Pond is periodically dredged to maintain the small tidal channel into the pond. Along with the other salt pond embayments located on the south coast of Falmouth, Little Pond, constitutes an important component of the Town’s natural and cultural resources.

The nature of enclosed embayments in populated regions brings two opposing elements to bare: as protected marine shoreline they are popular regions for boating, recreation, and land development; as enclosed bodies of water, they may not be readily flushed of the pollutants that they receive due to the proximity and density of development near and along their shores. In this context, Little Pond as well as other Falmouth embayments such as the Great, Green and Bournes Pond embayment systems along the Falmouth shoreline, are showing clear signs of eutrophication from high nitrogen loads in the groundwater and runoff from their watersheds.

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