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19/07/2018: Using artificial intelligence to improve shrimp post-larvae quality

by Valerie Robitaille, CEO of XpertSea

For years, aquaculture lagged far behind agriculture in the use of advanced technologies, which negatively affected efficiency, profits and sustainability across the industry. But recently, with the introduction of new technologies, we’re starting to see big changes in how fish and seafood are farmed.

Canadian technology company XpertSea is now bringing AI and related technologies to the aquaculture industry, which produces more than 50 percent of the sea-based protein consumed around the world.

Since 2011, XpertSea has developed solutions that transform aquaculture into a modern, efficient and sustainable source of food for our planet. The XpertSea platform replaces traditional hand-counting with precision hardware and software tools for rapidly counting and analysing aquatic species, with 95 percent accuracy or better.

Combining artificial intelligence, computer vision and the Internet of Things, the XpertSea solution is increasing the availability of quality food, reducing the environmental impact of food production, and improving profitability across the aquaculture food chain.

The future of aquaculture through animal data
In contrast to agriculture, much of the work performed in shrimp hatcheries is still done manually.

For example, counting is done by hand. Shrimp post-larvae are still sized by hand to determine growth and feed, and even health assessment is done by visual inspection. All of these methods are unreliable and time-consuming, and as a result the industry tends not to collect much animal data.

This creates real challenges, because in a livestock industry, the most important data to collect and understand is the animal data. However, the challenge is not only to collect animal data, but more importantly to collect accurate animal data that can provide important insights.

Data-driven decisions to modernise the shrimp industry and increase profitability
XpertSea has visited over 250 shrimp producers around the world. These on-site visits revealed that in Southeast Asia, shrimp farmers lose an average of 50 percent of their production solely due to practices that cause stress for the organisms and make them vulnerable to disease.

To solve this problem, XpertSea developed the XperCount, a smart device for counting and sizing early-stage aquatic organisms such as shrimp post-larvae and live feed. Made of FDA-approved materials, the device and its counting process are 100 percent safe for live aquatic organisms.

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