Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Veramaris wins the F3 Fish Oil Challenge, accelerating sustainability in aquaculture

On Wednesday 23rd October, the Future of Fish Feed (F3) announced that Netherlands-based DSM-Evonik joint venture Veramaris has won the F3 Fish Oil Challenge for selling the most 'fish-free' oil for use in aquaculture feed. Veramaris CEO Karim Kurmaly received the $200,000 prize during a special award ceremony at the Global Aquaculture Alliance's GOAL conference in Chennai, India.

The F3 Fish Oil Challenge is an incentive prize designed to help accelerate commercial-scale ingredients for aquaculture feed that meet the nutritional requirements of fish to produce healthy seafood for consumers without utilising wild-caught fish.

Contestants of the F3 Fish Oil Challenge sold a combined total of roughly 850,000 kilograms of 'fish-free' oil during the contest, equivalent to saving over two billion forage fish from use in aquaculture feed the largest amount of fish ever conserved through a contest.

'We are pleased with the efforts made by all of the contestants to innovate and sell fish-oil alternatives for aquafeeds that don't rely on ocean resources,' said Kevin Fitzsimmons, F3 Challenge chair and professor at the University of Arizona. 'I know this is just the beginning for Veramaris and others to address a major bottleneck in supply chain for aquafeeds support healthy farm-raised fish and healthy oceans in the future.'

Read the full article on the International Aquafeed website, HERE.

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