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Sam Macdonald, President of Deep Trekker

Joel G Newman is the American Feed Industry Association’s former President, CEO and Corporate Treasurer. He also served as the President of the Institute for Feed Education and Research, AFIA’s public charity, and represented AFIA on international issues, including serving on the International Feed Industry Federation’s board of directors.
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Sam Macdonald, President of Deep Trekker

Water is the lifeforce of humans and human society so it’s no wonder Sam Macdonald set out to engineer a lifestyle surrounded by it. An admitted boat bum, Sam was always curious about what lay beneath the waves of the Great Lakes which surround her home in Southern Ontario, Canada.
After more than 15 years refining her skills in sales, marketing and leadership, including eight years of applications engineering in the robotics automation industry, Sam put her McMaster University Commerce degree and passion for technology to work.
In 2010, she partnered with Jeff Lotz to bring Deep Trekker’s underwater robotics to the world. From the basement workshop to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to shipments to over 85 countries, Sam and her team have expanded to produce six fully submersible robotic product lines.
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Dr Abdel-Fattah El-Sayed, Professor of Aquaculture, Alexandria UniversityProfessor Abdel-Fattah El-Sayed received his PhD in aquaculture (Tilapia Nutrition) from Michigan State University, USA in 1987. He is currently a full professor in the Oceanography Department, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University, Egypt.
He has also served as a visiting professor to scientific institutions in Japan, Spain, Malaysia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Sultanate of Oman. Dr El-Sayed has authored and co-authored over 120 peer-reviewed publications on aquaculture and fisheries, in addition to four books and eight book chapters.
He has participated in many local, regional, and international aquaculture and fisheries research projects. Dr El-Sayed has also served as an aquaculture consultant for international organizations including the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development, the World Fisheries Trust (WFT), the WorldFish Centre, and the African Union’s InterAfrican Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR). See full interview

Dr Clara Trullàs, Project Manager of Aquaculture, Tanin Sevnica
Dr Trullàs holds a degree in Veterinary Medicine, a Masters degree in Aquaculture, and a PhD in Animal Production, focused on Fish Nutrition, from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain.
She has also conducted research in the field of pre- and probiotics in fish during a Postdoctoctorate in Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. For the last two years she has been working as a Product Manager of feed additives from natural origin for aquaculture.
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Sigve Nordrum, EVP Animal Health and Nutrition
I have been working in Aker BioMarine since 2007, with the aquaculture market as my focus. Specialising in sales, but also working with both research and development and marketing, both my educational and work background are anchored in aquaculture.
Studying Animal Science at the Agricultural University in Norway, specialising in Fish Nutrition, I have a PhD in the digestive functions of fish. Working for seven years in BioMar’s R&D department, I then spent five years with the Norwegian Ministry of fisheries in the Science and Innovation department before joining Aker BioMarine.

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Bernd große Holthaus, CEO of Ge-Pro
Bernd große Holthaus joined Ge-Pro in 1992 and has been dedicated to the animal meal industry for over 27 years. Ge-Pro’s various solutions for protein concentrates and feather meal have faithfully served the aquaculture industry for many years, establishing their position as one of the largest producers of feather meal in Europe.
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Niels Lundgaard, Commercial Director for Africa, Aller Aqua
Niels Lundgaard graduated from Aalborg University with a Graduate Degree/HD in Marketing Management. For more than four years he has worked in Aller Aqua, originally serving as their International Relationship Manager, before progressing onto being the Commercial Director for Aller Aqua Africa.
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Renato Pujatti, President of Pordenone Fiere
Renato Pujatti is President of Pordenone Fiere S.p.a., the organiser of AquaFarm, the exhibition on aquaculture, algaculture, shellfish farming and the fishing industry which took place in February in Pordenone. 
He coordinates “FIERE IN RETE” of AEFI – the Italian Association of Expos and Exhibitions, a project where he promotes the networking of exhibition centers. As entrepreneur, he is former President of the local Industrial Association and former President of Finest SPA, a company that supports international projects of firms based in North-East Italy towards the neighboring emerging markets. He was part of the Technical Committee of EXPO MILAN 2015 as Internationalisation specialist.

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Markus Dedl, CEO, Delacon
IAF spoke to Markus Dedl, CEO of phytogenic feed-additive company Delacon, at EuroTier in Hanover.

Since its beginning in 1988, Delacon has followed the vision of founder Helmut Dedl to pioneer a natural way to keep animals performing and healthy. With investment in research and development of plant-based feed additives, Delacon started to replace belief with fundamental knowledge. For this new category of feed additives, Delacon created its own market and coined the term ‘phytogenic feed additives.’
Today Helmut’s vision is being continued by his son, Markus has been now CEO of Delacon since 2010.
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Dr May Myat Noe Lwin (PhD)Technical Advisor, USAID Sustainable Seafood Industry Development Project
Dr May Myat Noe Lwin currently works as Technical Advisor for the USAID Sustainable Seafood Industry Development Project, which promotes regional cooperation for regulated and legal fishing in the Asia-Pacific region. Dr Lwin also serves as the Country Manager for the US Soybean Export Council (USSEC).

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Jan Vanbrabant, Chairman and CEO of the ERBER Group
Jan Vanbrabant was appointed Chairman and CEO of the ERBER Group in April of 2017. He has been the CEO of Biomin Asia since 2009 and has played a very important role in the development and the success of the Asian region as Managing Director Biomin Asia based in Singapore. 
Dr Vanbrabant holds a master’s degree in Biotechnology and a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Ghent in Belgium, with fields of expertise in microbiology and biochemistry. From applied scientific research at the University of Ghent, Jan moved to the business world, where he has held positions in sales, marketing, and general management.

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Alistair Lane, Executive Director of the European Aquaculture Society 

Alistair Lane has spent over 18 years working for the European Aquaculture Society, whilst also having experience at aquaculture feed company EWOS France.
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Christophe Pelletier, Food Strategist/Consultant BC
Christophe Pelletier is a global food & agriculture strategist and futurist whose consulting company helps organisations anticipate, adapt, and thrive.
He is the author of two books: Future Harvests and We Will Reap What We Sow. Both tackle the major issues impacting the future of food and farming.
In addition, Pelletier also writes a popular blog: The Food Futurist -

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Dr Mian N. Riaz, Director of the Process Engineering R&D Center, Head of Extrusion Technology Programme, and Professor in the Nutrition and Food Science Department at Texas A&M University
Dr Riaz has published five books, 22 chapters and more than 100 papers on extrusion and other related topics. Dr Riaz is a frequent speaker at international and national conferences and meetings and so far, he has delivered more than 300 presentations in 55 countries. 
Dr Riaz will be heading up a one-day seminar at the upcoming SPACE exhibition in Rennes, France between September 11-14. This will be on Aqua feed Extrusion and extrusion technology for aquaculture feed.

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Jérôme Le Friec, Head of Diana Aqua
Jérôme Le Friec has over 24 years of international experience in animal nutrition and feed additives industry. His first career step was at Timab, Roullier group where he held for 17 years different positions as Market Manager, Business Unit Manager and Managing Director. He then joined Olmix as Managing Director for six years before taking the position of Deputy General Manager at Mixscience (Avril group) in 2016.

In January 2018, Jérôme Le Friec was appointed at the head of Diana Aqua, a global strategic growth segment for DIANA, nutrition division of the Symrise Group.
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Eduardo Goycoolea, President, IFFO
Mr Eduardo Goycoolea took over as President of the IFFO commencing January 2018. This is not the first time he has been President of the organisation, which is an international trade organisation that represents and promotes the marine ingredients industry, such as fishmeal, fish oil and other related industries, Mr Goycoolea was a founder and one of the first Presidents of the organisation. 

Following his appointment, IFFO President Eduardo Goycoolea commented, “I look forward to leading such a well renowned and important organisation. I have worked closely with IFFO for decades and watched it become the networking heart of our industry, while also being a driver for change. Working with our Management Board and the IFFO Secretariat, I hope to continue its vital work to ensure that as an industry we remain ahead of the curve.”See full interview

Matt Colvan, Sales and Marketing Director, 5m Publishing
Matt Colvan has worked within the events and publishing sector for nearly 20 years, experience which stood him in good stead when 5m Publishing acquired the UK’s biggest aquaculture trade show, Aquaculture UK. After a successful first exhibition in 2016, the biannual show is about to run again in 2018 and is fast becoming Europe’s one-stop-shop for professionals in the global industry.
In the role of Sales and Marketing Director, a position he has held for nearly six years, Matt has been the driving force behind the show, which will be held in Aviemore, Scotland between May 23-24, 2018. Here, the De Montfort University graduate talks with International Aquafeed about the show which he says has “firmly established itself as an important and truly international trade event for the aquaculture industry.”
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Professor Addison Lawrence
Professor Addison Lawrence founded modern-day aquaculture.
International Aquafeed magazine caught up with the 82-year-old at this year’s Aquaculture America event. Today, he consults on feeds, feed additives, nutrition, super-intensive, shallow-water, stacked raceway system for commercial shrimp production.
Professor Lawrence, worked at several universities with most of his time spent at Texas A&M University – from which he retired in 2015. After 38 years service he retired as a Regent Fellow, Senior Faculty Fellow, Project Leader and Scientist-in-Charge for Texas A&M Agrilife Research, and as a member of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences and Intercollegiate Faculty of Nutrition.
Most recently he played a pivotal role in developing and constructing a new, state-of-the-art shrimp research facility and pilot demonstration plant at the Ralco Technology Campus in Balaton, Minnesota after retiring in March 2015. That facility was created to commercialise the patented technology that was developed at the Shrimp Mariculture Laboratory at Texas A&M University in Port Aransas, Texas.
It was a privilege for IAF to ask him questions at Aquaculture America in Las Vegas in mid-February 2018.
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Mr Jean Fontaine BSc (Agr), President, Jefo Group

He oversees all company activities in order to increase the performance of research, manufacturing of innovative products and the service to Jefo Nutrition offers invaluable and trusting customers. He graduated from Laval University in Animal Nutrition (Zootechny) in 1981 and trained in Foreign Trade and Export Techniques in 1982.
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Dr Neil Auchetlonie, Technical Director, IFFO
Dr Neil Auchterlonie joined IFFO in 2015, having worked previously in technical and production positions in aquaculture companies, consultancies, and government department and research agencies in the UK.

He has managed aquaculture and fisheries science programmes in both public and private sectors. He has also held positions on a number of scientific and technical committees.
Academically he holds a BSc in Marine and Freshwater Biology from Stirling University, a MSc in Applied Fish Biology from the University of Plymouth, and a PhD in Aquaculture (halibut physiology) from Stirling University.
Starting February 2018, Dr Aucherlonie will be representing IFFO in a monthly column in International Aquafeed. He commented on the new endeavour, “IFFO is very grateful for the platform to provide a regular contribution on fishmeal and fish oil in International Aquafeed. It is an opportunity to provide insights from the fishmeal and fish oil industry and join discussions on aquafeed ingredients.”
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Erik Hempel, Director of Communications, Nor-Fishing Foundation
Erik Hempel has been involved with The Nor-Fishing Foundation for 10 years where he is now the Director of Communications.

He describes his entry into aquaculture as almost an accident, remarking, “I just happened to stumble into fisheries, back in the late 1970s, a short-term consultancy for the FAO led to a job with the FAO at INFOFISH. Aquaculture at that time was not such a big thing, but as it grew, we all started to pay attention to it, me included.”
Mr Hempel trained initially as a Political Scientist before embarking on his career in aquaculture, in his most recent role he will be officially serving as the Editor of International Aquafeed magazine, Norwegian edition.
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Dr Guillaume Drillet, President of WAS APCDr Guillaume Drillet has 15 years of experience working within marine sciences in the public and private sectors. Dr Drillet holds a Master degree on coastal resources’ management from France and a PhD from Denmark on the use of copepods as live feeds
Dr Drillet is the President of the World Aquaculture Society for the Asia Pacific Chapter (2016-2019). In addition to this work, he has also been teaching as an adjunct lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic (Singapore) and occasionally supports the International Maritime Organization in regional technical training programs on invasive species.
After APA17, he took over the role of President and will keep that role until next conference in Taipei.
He and his collaborators are working on the concept of same risk area for carrying out risk assessments of invasive species. It is expected that the results could be partially transposed to the development of risk management tools for aquaculture.
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Patrick Charlton, Vice President at Alltech and CEO of Coppens International BV
Patrick Charlton is Vice President at Alltech and CEO of Coppens International, a specialist aquaculture feed company, which was acquired by Alltech in 2016. Before joining Coppens International, Mr Charlton oversaw the activity of 32 Alltech offices across the European region.
He graduated from the University of Nottingham and joined Alltech UK in 1991, becoming the technical manager in 1995. In 1998, Charlton moved to Cape Town, South Africa, to become Technical Director for Alltech’s Africa and Middle East region.
He currently lives in the UK and received a master’s degree in fermentation and distilling from Heriot-Watt University in 2006.
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Ola Eriksen, Managing Director, Trondheim Spektrum AS
Ola Eriksen is the CEO and organiser of AquaNor and Nor-Fishing, as well as the Managing Director of Trondheim Spektrum AS.

Trondheim Spektrum is the hosting place for Nor-Fishing and AquaNor, two of Aquaculture’s biggest conferences of the year. The destination also played host to both Rod Steward and Bryan Adams!
Mr Eriksen has been the Managing Director for the company since August 2010, before having previously worked with G4S.
Trondheim Spektrum is a limited liability company in which Trondheim municipality owns 75 percent, and the rest is distributed among shareholders such as Nordea, Danske Bank and Sparebank 1 SMN. The cost frame is around 500 million. The firm is based in Trondheim, Norway.
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Bjørn Myrseth, President, EAS (European Aquaculture Society)
Bjørn Myrseth is a Norwegian biologist and businessperson. He is currently serving as the President of EAS (European Aquaculture Society), where he was also one of the founding members.

The EAS website describes the idea for establishing the ‘European Mariculture Society’ being launched at the occasion of the Tenth European Symposium of Marine Biologists, which took place in Oostende, Belgium, 1975.
The website explains that, “The founding meeting took place on April 29-30, 1976 in the office of the Institute for Marine Scientific Research (IZWO), that has supported the society and has provided office space for the EAS secretariat until the late 1980s.”
“The original name “European Mariculture Society” was changed into “European Aquaculture Society” in 1984 to better reflect the activity field of the society,” it enlightens.
Mr Myrseth was educated in fishery biology from the University of Bergen, (where he went on to become an Associate Professor) and was a co-founder of Stolt Sea Farms in 1972, where he was CEO until 1987. He then sold his stake in the company and founded Marine Farms, where he remained as CEO until 2011. Mr Myrseth originally founded marine Farms in 1976 as Lax AS, for his ownership in Stolt Sea Farm. After the shares were sold in 1987, the company started making its own investments in fish farming.
Due to his long tenure and considerable expertise, he is considered by many as one of the pioneers of the modern fish farming industry.
He now works on project development and a board member in various companies related to aquaculture.
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Alpha Condê, President of Guinea, President of the African Union
President Alpha Condê, born March 4, 1938, has been President of Guinea since December 2010, and on January 30, 2017, President Condé succeeded Chad’s Irdiss Deby as the President of the African Union. President Condé was born in Boké in Lower Guinea, where he left when he was 15 to go to France. 

 Whilst he was in France he was active in parallel within the National Union of Higher Education and combined the functions of the Association of Guinean students in France and the Federation of Black African Students in France, in which he was the Executive Coordinator of African National Groups from 1967-75.
 He wrote a master’s thesis in Political Science entitled, ‘Le P.D.G. et le people de Guinée’ in 1965.Regarding his appointment as the African Union chairperson, he was elected during the ongoing 28th Ordinary Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia following the end of Deby’s term in January 2017.
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Leon Günther, CEO, Aller Aqua, Zambia
Aller Aqua produce fish feed for freshwater and saltwater aquaculture.
It is a family owned company, with a long history. They have been producing fish feed for more than 50 years; making them one of the worlds most experienced fish feed producers.
We reported earlier this year the construction of the factory that will host the headquarters for Aller Aqua Zambia, of which Leon Günther is now the CEO.
Recently he said of the development, “The Aller Aqua Zambian factory is an industry-shifting investment in the Southern African aquaculture value-chain. This local aqua feed manufacturing capability will make international quality products available to the SADAC market with a delivery-time and customer support that has not been available until now.”
With nearly two decades experience in the stock feeds industry and nearly a decade of experience in the pet food industry specifically, Mr Günthers passion for aquaculture and aqua feed although relatively new, through this interview it is clear to see, that passions runs deep.
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Tom Wedegaertner, Director of Cottonseed Research at Cotton Incorporated
For the past 25 years, Tom Wedegaertner has been the Director of Cottonseed Research at Cotton Incorporated. Prior to that, he worked for a trade association representing the cottonseed processing industry. His career now spans 37 years of cottonseed industry involvement.
At Cotton Incorporated, he manages a research program designed to discover innovative ways to increase the utilisation and value of cottonseed, the number one byproduct of cotton production. The cotton plant actually produces more seed than it does fibre. The seed is an important source of revenue for cotton farmers, since it represents about 20 percent of the value of the crop. The biggest barrier to increasing the utilisation and value of cottonseed protein has always been the presence of a naturally occurring chemical defense mechanism that evolved in cotton and is distributed throughout the cotton plant.
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Michael New, OBE
Michael New entered the aquaculture industry in 1969 after extensive experience in the animal feedstuff industry. After research on freshwater prawn culture he worked as an aquaculture consultant (1973-1979 and 1981-1986). Mr New managed an UNDP/FAO project in Thailand (1979-1981) designed to expand freshwater prawn farming.
He was Senior Aquaculturist (1986-1988) in the FAO global Aquaculture Development and Coordination Programme and an FAO Senior Fishery Resources Officer (Aquaculture) in 1991-1992. He was Programme Coordinator of the ASEAN-EEC Aquaculture Development and Coordination Programme, a regional twinning programme based in Bangkok (1988-1991 and 1992-1995). After 1995 I returned to free-lance consultancy.
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Prof Brett Glencross, Professor for Aquaculture Nutrition at the Institute of Aquaculture at the University of Stirling
Dr Brett Glencross is the Professor for Aquaculture Nutrition at the Institute of Aquaculture at the University of Stirling. He commenced this role in January 2016 and has also been the Insitute’s Director of Research since March 2016.
 However, prior to his most recent appointment, Prof Glencross has worked closely with several major international aquaculture feed companies throughout Australia, Asia and Europe. He also has Honours and Masters Degrees in Biochemistry from the University of Western Australia and a PhD in Animal Nutrition from the University of Queensland.
Since moving to Scotland, his work has focused on species such as Atlantic salmon, chinook salmon, barramundi and shrimp.
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Dr Juan Pablo Lazo, President of the World Aquaculture Society
The World Aquaculture Society (WAS) was created in 1969 and currently has nearly 3,000 members in about 100 countries. The international character of the society and the need to address specific the specific issues in various regions of the world, they currently have local chapters in the United States, Japan, Korea, the Asia-Pacific region and in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its annual meeting was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from 22nd to 26th February this year.
At their most recent gathering, the society’s new president, Dr. Juan Pablo Lazo shared some of the strategies that he intends to implement to achieve the society’s objectives.
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Dr Mian Riaz, Director of the Food Protein R&D Center and head of the Extrusion Program and Graduate Faculty in the Food Science and Technology Program at Texas A&M University
Dr Riaz has given more than 235 talks in 50 different countries. He currently offers four short courses in the area of extrusion annually, two courses are in feed extrusion and two courses are in food extrusion. He has more than 22 years of research experience in his field. Dr Riaz is also an active member of the Institute of Food Technologists, American Association of Cereal Chemists, American Oil Chemists’ Society, Pakistan Society of Food Scientists and Technologists and the Association for the Advancement of Industrial Crops. This February, International Aquafeed Magazine and Dr Mian Riaz are presenting a one-day Short Course in Aquaculture Feed Manufacturing. Speakers from industry and academia will give lectures on the latest technology in aquafeed extrusion and related equipment on February 14, 2016 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. This one-day seminar will cover the specialist areas of manufacturing aquafeeds. IAF recently spoke to Mian Riaz to discuss both the one-day course in Abu Dhabi and to collect his thoughts on the extrusion industry of today.     

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Sarena Lin, President, Cargill Feed and Nutrition
One of the biggest buyouts so far this decade, has been the recent acquisition by Cargill of EWOS. This took place in mid-August just prior to one of aquaculture’s largest and most significant events – AquaNor 2015. Negotiations continued into Saturday night, the day before the companies involved headed to Trondheim, Norway, for the bi-annual gathering of the world’s salmon farming industry representatives at the AquaNor 2015 conference and exhibition the following week. Without prior arrangements in place, the companies were able to present their joint agreement, and their commitment to work together for not only the betterment of salmon customers but for the future of all major fish species being farmed for food, to the industry and customers alike. Ms Sarena Lin, President, Cargill Feed and Nutrition, made the announcement personally at an almost impromptu press conference. International Aquafeed magazine, was in attendance and has taken the opportunity to report here on most of the questions posed to Ms Lin by journalists representing national, regional and world aqua press. 

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Liv Holmefjord, Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries
Liv Holmefjord has been Director General of Fisheries in Norway since 2008. The Directorate of Fisheries is an advisory and executive body in matters relating to fishing and management of aquaculture. Her main tasks involve regulation, guidance, supervision, resource management and control. She is also Chair of the Nor Fishing Foundation - an organisation established in 1992 by the Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries, which today has the right and responsibility to hold the Norwegian International fisheries exhibition, Nor Fishing and Aqua Nor (held between 18 - 21 August, 2015). Following her father and grandfather who were fishermen, she has spent most of her career in the seafood sector. She was educated at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Admin.
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Sylvain Provenzano, Clextral
Leveraging its core expertise in twin-screw technology, Clextral provides its customers with turnkey processing lines that integrate extruders, dryers and ancillary equipment. Its reliable and innovative systems serve three key markets: food and feed, green industries and powder industries. Its global offering includes upstream design and testing of industrial solutions, equipment manufacturing, on-site installation and full maintenance and continuous process improvement services. Based in Firminy (France), Clextral is present in all five continents, providing local support to its customers in 88 countries. Here, Sylvain Provenzano, Area Manager, gives an overview of recent developments and why Clextral are a unique company.
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Onur Emre Solak, Pharmaq
Onur Emre Solak is the Country Manager of Pharmaq in Turkey. Pharmaq are best known as one of the biggest fish health and vaccine solution providers and is best known as one of the biggest fish health and vaccine solution providers.. It provides environmentally sound, safe and efficacious health products to the global aquaculture industry through targeted research.
Pharmaq’s vaccines are manufactured in a state-of-the-art production facility in Overhalla, Norway. Administration and Research and Development activities are based in Oslo, Norway. With subsidiaries in Chile, United Kingdom, Vietnam and Turkey, Pharmaq has around 165 employees. Our products are marketed in Europe, North and South America and Asia through an extensive network of distributors and wholesalers.

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Dr Pedro Encarnação, Biomin
Dr Pedro Encarnação is Portuguese and a marine biologist. He did his undergraduate work at the University of Algarve, Portugal, in 1994 followed by a masters in aquaculture - before working there as a research associate until 2000. Later on he  gain his PhD in animal and fish nutrition at the University of Guelph, Canada, which he completed in 2005.. In 2005 he joined Biomin in Austria before re-locating to Singapore in 2006 as its aquaculture specialist. Dr Pedro Encarnação is Portuguese and a marine biologist. He did his undergraduate work at the University of Algarve, Portugal, in 1994 followed by a masters in aquaculture - before working there as a research associate until 2000. Later on he  gain his PhD in animal and fish nutrition at the University of Guelph, Canada, which he completed in 2005.. In 2005 he joined Biomin in Austria before re-locating to Singapore in 2006 as its aquaculture specialist.
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David Mack, organiser, Aquaculture UK
Aquaculture UK’ is an event that has come of age. It is almost exclusively focused and serving the Scottish salmon farming industry but has strong links to Europe, Northern Europe specifically and Norway in particular. As Scottish salmon farming has grown so to has this bi-anneal event. Aquaculture UK has become a meeting point for industry, allowing for the necessary exchange of ideas, developments and information that is so essential to continued growth. There is just one man behind ‘Aquaculture UK’ - he is David Mack and is familiar to us all. IAF has invited him to answer a question or two about how he initiated an event that has developed into such an important venue for the fishing industry in the UK, and what the future holds should Scotland’s claim for independence succeed.
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Amy Novogratz and Mike Velings, managing partners of Aqua-Spark
Amy Novogratz and Mike Velings are managing partners of Aqua-Spark, a Netherlands-based investment fund focusing solely on opportunities in sustainable aquaculture. Having officially launched in November 2013, the group plans to make its first investments in the coming year.
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Dr Kang-Sen Mai, professor of aquaculture nutrition at the Ocean University of China, Qingdao
Dr Kang-Sen Mai is a professor specializing in aquaculture nutrition at the Ocean University of China, Qingdao. He currently focuses on fish species native to China and as a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering plays a major role in shaping the country’s aquaculture policy.
As this issue goes to press he will be speaking at the Ninth Symposium of the World’s Chinese Scientists on Nutrition and Feeding of Finfish and Shellfish (SWCSNFFS) on the subject of the sustainable development of China’s aquaculture and feed industry.

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Andrew Jackson, technical director, IFFO, the Marine Ingredients Organisation, UK
Andrew Jackson, technical director, IFFO, UK started his career working in the world of research on fish nutrition in a number of different species including trout, salmon and tilapia.
He was recruited by Unilever to work in their fish feed company and he later transferred to Marine Harvest, which was their salmon farming company. Jackson then spent nearly twenty years working for Marine Harvest in a range of different roles in both Scotland and Chile before joining IFFO in 2006.
His current role as technical director at IFFO includes responsibility for the technical area including regulatory affairs and IFFO’s Global Standard for Responsible Supply (IFFO RS).

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Chris Ninnes, CEO, Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)
Chris Ninnes took up his position as CEO of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) in October 2011. Before joining the ASC, he worked for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) as deputy chief executive and director of operations where he managed the European, American and Asia-Pacific commercial teams and the standards team in the UK. Ninnes has also been active within ISEAL since 2005 in the role of vice chair and member of the executive committee of the Board and the finance committee.
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Peter Coutteau, Nutriad’s specialised business unit
Peter Coutteau was first introduced to aquaculture as an undergraduate at the University of Gent, Belgium in the 1980s. Since his career has spanned both the academic and business sides of the industry working at the Laboratory for Aquaculture & Artemia Reference Center and the INVE group respectively.
Following a restructuration of the INVE group in January 2009, activities of INVE Aquaculture, including the support team, research activities, test centers and product lines of aquaculture additives, were incorporated into Nutriad, global supplier of specialty additives in aquaculture and agriculture.
Coutteau setup Nutriad’s specialised business unit to further develop the feed additive business in aquaculture.

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Thad Simons, Novus president and CEO
Novus will soon celebrate its 22nd birthday! Novus International, Inc. was founded in 1991, but their scientific roots and history originated over 50 years ago. In the 1950s, St. Louis, Missouri-based Monsanto Company began conducting livestock and poultry feed metabolism studies. In 1959, one of its products received FDA approval as an animal feed additive, which helped launch the Monsanto division that would become Novus. In 1991, in an effort to focus on its core businesses—seed, herbicide and biotechnology—Monsanto sold its Feed Ingredients division to Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Nippon Soda Co., Ltd. The new owners saw Novus’s strategic potential for growth.
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Torben Svejgaard, chief executive officer, BioMar Group
Born in 1955, Torben Svejgaard is chief executive officer of the BioMar Group, headquartered in Denmark. At 57 years he is an economist with close to 30 years’ experience in B2B businesses with the first 25 years in the food ingredient area. From 1985-1991 he was marketing assistant and marketing manager at Aarhus Olie.
Then from 1991-2008 he held different upper management positions within Danisco (now Dupont), a world leader in functional food ingredients plus biotech products for feed, biofuel and technical purposes.
From 2004-2008 member of Executive Committee, that is the top management team of the company. Since 2008, he has been Group CEO of BioMar, one the biggest fish feed producers with a turnover in excess of €1 billion in 2012.

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Dave Conley, Executive Director, Aquaculture without Frontiers, Canada
Aquaculture without Frontiers (AwF) is a registered charity whose mission is to promote and support responsible and sustainable aquaculture to alleviate poverty and enhance food security for disadvantaged people. It is an organisation of global volunteer aquaculture professionals who network; who are passionate about aquaculture and its ability to engage, train and feed the disadvantaged; and who create initiatives, projects and programmes. Executive Director Dave Conley speaks to International Aquafeed about AwF and the challenges it faces. 
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George Marco, Director, Aquativ
George Marco has 25 years experience in business management and leadership in a global environment, with a double expertise in the food ingredients industry and the B2B business. Based in the United States for the last seven years, he has also lived and/or worked in Australia, Brazil, Japan, Thailand and France. Most of his career so far has been dedicated to the French Diana group, within which he was SPF Australia General Manager and SPF North America CEO, prior his current position of Aquativ Director worldwide.
Today, George Marco applies his expertise to an ever-widening scope of activities supporting DIANA Group in its strategic move to the Aquafeed industry and strives to develop global R&D, know-how and industrial partnerships.

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Francisco Saraiva Gomes, Aquaculture Business Unit, Novus International
Francisco Saraiva Gomes leads Aquaculture Business Unit at Novus International. After graduating in Marine Biology in Lisbon, he obtained his doctoral degree at Auburn University, USA and has worked in several positions related to aquaculture and marine biotechnology.
Novus specialises in health and nutrition micro ingredients and functional technologies including antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics and mycotoxin binders. The company focuses in four main platforms: Performance Nutrition; Therapeutic Nutrition; Feed Quality and; Consumer Values.

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Hervé Balusson founder of Olmix Group, France
Hervé Balusson founded Olmix Group in Brittany, France in 1995. Unusually for the time, Olmix developed natural alternatives to chemical additives used in agriculture. Using high quality trace elements,specific clays and macro-algae, the group created a wide range of natural products to substitute synthesis additives. Hervé Balusson, Olmix Group CEO, shares his views on the future of the company and difficulties faced by aquaculture.
Today, Olmix is one of the world’s main specialists in 'green chemistry' and is one of the pioneers of the 'blue biotechnology'. Olmix has 12 subsidiaries worldwide, is present in 60 countries and employs 250 people. The Breton SME reached a turnover of €53m in 15 years, of which 80 percent was exported sales.  The company is well established in Asia where it achieves a 30 percent growth by year on average. In fact, the ASEAN area represents an increasing share of the group’s turnover. Olmix Group is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange and has seven production plants in Europe.

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