Friday, August 31, 2012

Ocean Health Index signals new way of thinking about the sea

The Ocean Health Index, published online by Nature, signals a new way of thinking about our relationship with the ocean.
The Index is the first comprehensive, annual assessment of the benefits that a healthy ocean provides through 10 goals, which emphasise the human-ocean relationship. The overall global score is 60 out of 100, indicating that this relationship is out of balance and unsustainable.  
The Ocean Health Index is a collaborative project engaging over 65 scientists and ocean experts.  Consequently, no single entity owns it; the Index is an independent brand. 
More information...
The Earth flag is not an official flag, since ...
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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31/08/12: ROVs; salmon and ammonia; New Zealand King Salmon

New Zealand King Salmon could lift production from about 8750 tonnes a year to about 22,000 tonnes a year if its application to develop nine new fish farms in the Marlborough Sounds is successful, according to a report in the Marlborough Express.   Read more...
ROVs are playing an increasingly important role in monitoring feeding behaviour and fish welfare.  New to the market is this device created in by the Institute of Marine Research and Nofima in Norway.    Read more...
The second Nofima-related story of the day concerns salmon tolerance of ammonia.  More and more salmon spend the   early stages of life in recirculation systems.  These systems have higher levels of ammonia than flow-through systems.  Researchers found that salmon can tolerate higher levels of ammonia than previously thought.   Read more...
The image shows Tory Channel, a mayor arm of Q...
The image shows Tory Channel, a mayor arm of Queen Charlotte Sound, Marlborough Sounds, South Island, New Zealand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Video: Tracing the origins of salmon feed

As always we round off the week with a video.  Today we've chosen this one by Skretting.  But this is not a thinly disguised advert.  Aimed at consumers rather than feed producers, it traces the origins of feed for Skretting's salmon feed production from  raw materials to finished feed delivered to fish farms, and vice versa.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

30/08/12: Norway and Malaysia sign aquaculture deal; can aquaculture help Greece; blue growth in the EU

Today we've been talking about...
Norway and Malaysia sign aquaculture agreement.  The deal allows Norway to develop a framework for sustainable aquaculture in Malaysia. 
Funding for the project is on a cost-sharing basis, Norway will provide 3.253 million Ringitt in funding while Malaysia will contribute 3.275 million, starting 2012-2015.  Read more...
Is aquaculture the answer to Greece's economic woe?  The McKinsey & Co report thinks so.  Download the full report here.
I always enjoy reading Maria Damanaki's blog and this one on new opportunities for blue growth and jobs in seas and oceans is no exception.  As the EU Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Damanaki has a large remit and comes across as passionate and well-informed about all areas of her role.
English: Fish cages in Velfjorden, Brønnøy, No...
English: Fish cages in Velfjorden, Brønnøy, Norway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

29/08/12: FAO aquaculture report; indoor fish farm; Mekong dams

  • This morning I have been engrossed by the FAO State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture.  Published every two years it is a comprehensive overview of, you guessed it, world fisheries and aquaculture.  Download full report here.
  • Indoor fish farm sets sights on expansion reports the Nelson Mail.  Read full text here.
  • Hydropower dams in the lower part of the Mekong river could rob millions of people of their primary protein source says the WWF.  Fish from the Mekong mainstem provide protein for 60 million people but plans for 11 dam projects would wipe out this source.   Read more...
Mekong River
Mekong River (Photo credit: International Rivers)

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Novus Receives 2012 New Product Innovation Award in Prebiotics

Novus International, Inc. has been selected to receive the 2012 North American New Product Innovation Award in Prebiotics for PREVIDA®. The award is presented by Frost & Sullivan, a 50-year old global market research organization of 1,800 analysts and consultants who monitor more than 300 industries and 250,000 companies.

“Novus is proud to receive the New Product Innovation award from Frost & Sullivan,” stated Thad Simons, President and CEO, at Novus. “We’re equally humbled by this recognition because our mission is not to seek awards for what we do; rather it is to focus on sustainably meeting the growing global need for health and nutrition. We’re excited about offering our customers the health and nutrition solutions associated with feeding PREVIDA.”

Frost & Sullivan’s selection of PREVIDA was the result of a decision support matrix (DSM) comprised of five criteria, including 1) Innovative Element of the Product, 2) Leverage of Leading-Edge Technologies, 3) Value Added Features/Benefits, 4) Increased Customer ROI and 5) Customer Acquisition/Penetration Potential. Frost & Sullivan concluded that PREVIDA was truly an innovative product with immense market penetration potential.

Frost & Sullivan’s research philosophy originates with the CEO’s 360-Degree Perspective™, which serves as the foundation of its TEAM Research™ methodology. “This unique approach enables us to determine how best-in-class companies worldwide manage growth, innovation and leadership,” noted Aarthi Janakiraman, Senior Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “Based on the findings of this Best Practice research, we’re delighted to present the 2012 North American New Product Innovation Award in Prebiotics for Animal Health to Novus.”

PREVIDA is a unique prebiotic comprised of an all-natural, hemicellulose extract that promotes intestinal health for a variety of aquatic species. The product contains a high level of soluble dietary fiber in the form of specific oligosaccharides, which have been shown to provide compelling digestive health benefits. Studies suggest PREVIDA impacts gut microflora and optimizes immune response leading to healthier, more resilient shrimp and fish.

PREVIDA was discovered by research scientists at Temple-Inland, a wood products company. After Temple-Inland assessed the nutritional profile and health benefits of the product, they reached out to Novus for its expertise in developing animal health and nutrition solutions. Novus has the exclusive global marketing and distribution rights for PREVIDA.

“PREVIDA is the first real alternative to MOS,” said Dr. Francisco S. Gomes, Executive Manager Aqua Business Unit, at Novus. “For years the industry has consistently reduced the inclusion rates of MOS looking for a cost benefit. PREVIDA offers this cost benefit because it is a holistic solution.”
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28/08/12: BAP; plankton bloom; EU Commission to investigate Spanish aquaculture company

Welcome back!  We had a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK so we were off enjoying the last of the summer sun yesterday.  But don't fear, we're back with the latest aquaculture news:
  • Best Aquaculture Practices grows with first certified feed mills in Chile
The Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) program welcomes BioMar Chile S.A.'s Alitec Pargua and Planta BioMar facilities in Pargua as its first certified feed mills in Chile.

"We congratulate BioMar on this 'first,'" BAP Vice President of Development Peter Redmond said. "These plants comprise an important link in the chain of responsible salmon production by combining safe and responsibly sourced feed ingredients with best production practices."

BioMar Chile is part of the Danish BioMar Group, a leading supplier to the aquaculture industry. BioMar provides feed for salmon, trout, seabass, sea bream and eels. Roughly one out of four fish farmed in Europe and Chile is fed BioMar fish feed.

Alitec Pargua has an annual production capacity of 132,275 tons (120,000 metric tons), while Planta BioMar Pargua can manufacture close to 187,400 tons (170,000 metric tons) of feed for salmon and trout. Certification of a third operation in Castro with 66,150 tons (60,000 metric tons) of annual capacity is in progress.  More information... 
Electric blue plankton blooms off Ireland
Electric blue plankton blooms off Ireland (Photo credit: vinny12)

  • Concern over the impact of plankton bloom on Irish aquaculture:
The Irish Farmers' Association's Aquaculture section has expressed concern at the impact of this summer’s unusual plankton blooms around the coast on seafood farming companies. Aquaculture Executive, Richie Flynn, said that a combination of natural environmental events have impacted severely on many businesses.

 Richie Flynn said, “IFA have members who have had shellfish stocks killed by rarely occurring algae that arrived in conjunction with the unseasonal weather. We know of more that have been prevented from harvesting by other blooms, with damages running into many thousands of euro and mortalities on some sea farms hitting up to 80% especially in the northwest.”

  • European Commission opens investigation into Spanish aquaculture company:
Spain notified its intention to provide aid to the company Ultracongelados Antartidá, which processes aquaculture products and is part of the Group Pescanova, to modernize its facilities.
The Commission is opening a formal investigation essentially because it has doubts in relation to the compatibility of this type of aid with the internal market in particular when large companies are concerned.  More information...

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Lallemand Aquaculture Seminar 2012: Intestinal Health in Aquaculture: A Sustainable Way Toward Performance

Lallemand gathered world leading aquaculture experts and industry players in Bangkok for its first South East Asia Aquaculture symposium.
Worldwide aquaculture experts discuss the importance of intestinal health management in todays’ aquaculture

Lallemand Animal Nutrition was pleased to host its main Aquaculture technical event for the first time in South East Asia. This highly technical event dedicated to fish and shrimp intestinal health gathered more than 200 participants from South East Asia, central Asia and Middle East over a 2-day- conference. A total of 13 eminent speakers and experts from all over the world gave more than 15 scientific and technical presentations in the areas of microbiology, immunity, nutrition, fish and shrimp health.  A particular attention was paid at highlighting the recent advances and knowledge on Intestinal health in Aquatic species and the importance of gut management (pour pas repeater) when developing innovative and sustainable solutions to optimize the performance of aquaculture systems.  Academic speakers and Lallemand‘s product manager also delivered the state of the science about the mechanisms of action and benefits of the unique, scientific based and field supported probiotic strain Pediococcus acidilactici MA18/5M (Bactocell®). 

Key industrial companies, farmers, scientists and nutritionists attended this event, and positively received the highly technical scope of this seminar, making it, as expressed by the participants, “a unique event at the crossroads of science and industry”.

“These two days meet our expectations and willingness to make this seminar a pure scientific and technical event, providing the audience high level and up-to-date scientific information. We thank once again all the renowned speakers that accepted to participate and to deliver their message in a clear and committed manner.
We would like also to thank all the participants for the interest they expressed and all the positive feedbacks we received. We trust the audience has well perceived the key message we wanted to deliver: in the current challenging context of Aquaculture, intestinal health has a critical role to play to optimize the performance of our Aquaculture system. Even though a more focus and dedicated approach is absolutely necessary at the academic and R&D level, specifically in the shrimp sector, sustainable and consistent solutions are already being developed and applied. This is what Lallemand is aiming at with its consistent and efficient microbial based solutions.”
Dr Castex, Product manager at Lallemand

This seminar was the occasion for Lallemand to reinforce its commitment in providing strong technical services and high technical solutions to its customers and to show its willingness to become a significant player in the Central Asia and South East Asia Aquaculture markets.

About Lallemand
Lallemand, Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company specialized in yeast, bacteria and yeast derivatives, for animal nutrition, baking, wine making and pharmaceutical industries. Lallemand is the only major supplier of yeast and bacteria that is a primary producer of both.
Lallemand Animal Nutrition is dedicated to the development, production, and marketing of profitable, natural and differentiated solutions for animal nutrition and health. Our core products are live bacteria for probiotics and silage inoculants, specific yeast for probiotics, and high value yeast derivatives. Lallemand is a major supplier of probiotics and silage inoculants around the globe. More information...  
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Friday, August 24, 2012

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24/08/12: Meriden launches product in Algeria; shellfish for Delaware?; Cermaq no.1 for communicating sustainability

  • Orego-Stim® launches in Algeria
Orego-Stim® was recently launched at a trade show in Algeria by Meriden’s distributor, VAPC.  Meriden staff visited Algeria to present to product to numerous vet consultants, before attending the trade show to help with the launch.
Orego-Stim® is the 100% natural feed additive/flavour used globally in the diets of a variety of commercial livestock species to enhance and maximise overall performance, increasing financial returns. Orego-Stim® not only improves the functioning of the gut, but is renowned for other interesting properties.
William Stewart, Regional Sales Manager for North Africa, said: ‘The launch of Orego-Stim® in Algeria has been a huge success and we were overwhelmed with how busy the stand was for the three days of the show.  We are sure that Orego-Stim® is going to play a key role in maximising performance in all aspects of animal production in the region.’  More information...
William Stewart (right) of Meriden Animal Health Limited with Dr Embarek (left) of VAPC. 

  • Officials from Delaware are considering the feasibility of setting up a commercial shellfish aquaculture industry.  At present, Delaware is the only east coast US state without commercial shellfish operations.  Read more...

Video: Salmon and fish oil: the basics

I found this video by Marine Harvest while researching an article on salmon for International Aquafeed magazine.  It really is a great lay man's overview of the major issues in salmon farming.  And there is some great use of infographics (which will appeal to any design geek).
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

23/08/12: Thai gourami; Mozambique predicts record fish production; raising eels in paddy fields

  • The Free Trade Agreement Fund plans to develop Thai fish products in local communities reports The Nation newspaper.  The scheme, which will focus on gourami, comes amid growing concern that the domestic market is under threat from cheaper foreign imports.  Read more...
  • A farmer in Australia plans to raise eels in paddy fields reports ABC Rural.  According to the article, the eels will live in the paddy for four months and won't pose a threat to existing wildlife.  Read more...
  • Mozambique's Fisheries minister predicts a 200,000 ton production of fish for 2012, up from 120,000 in 2011.  Read more...

English: Paddy field in Vietnam.
English: Paddy field in Vietnam. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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New! IAF Article: Interview with Francisco Gomes, Novus

International Aquafeed spoke to Francisco Gomes of Novus about the state of world aquaculture and how Novus plans to deal with the Challenges that lie ahead.  Read the full interview here.
Francisco Gomes, Novus

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Event: AQUA 2012

Panoramic view of Prague Castle Česky: Panoram...
Panoramic view of Prague Castle Česky: Panoramatický pohled na Hradčany a Pražský hrad Français : Vue panoramic du Chateau de Prague depuis la Vieille-Ville (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We've booked out tickets are are off to Prague for AQUA 2012!  With just a few weeks to go until the event, the AQUA 2012 have shared the latest updates.

1. Conference programme grid and Session per day

2. Workshops and more
- European percid fish culture workshop and Registration

- RAS workshop - sold !!

- Computer Aided sperm analysis in Broadcast Spawners (mollucs to fish) - Sept 4. More details in the program book.

 3. Exhibition at AQUA 2012 - Sept 2, 3, 4. More than 100 Aquaculture exhibitors showing all newest products and services. List exhibitors.

4. Industry Forum.

- General Aquaculture Farmers day - Sept 2nd - you can enter with your trade show or conference badge

- AQUA 2012 Industry Forum  - Sept 2nd - you can enter with your trade show or conference badge

- Czech Freshwater farmers day (simultaneous translation) - Sept 4th. you can enter with your trade show or conference badge

5. Farm tours. Sept 6th. just a few seats left. Register online.

6. AQUA 2012 brochure with more details. Register onsite for the conference and the exhibition. No need to fax, email registration forms now.

See you in Prague!

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22/08/12: commercial seaweed farm; IHN; EU fish stocks and more

  • Commercial seaweed farm coming to Long Island Sound, Connneticut, USA.  Read more...
  • Mainstream Canada's Millar Channel farm is now empty.  The fish at the site had to be removed following the detection of the IHN virus in July  Read more...
  • The Scottish Fishermen's Federation claims a report by the New Economics Foundation and OCEAN2012 is misleading and jeopardises the future if the industry.  The report described the European Union fish stocks as being in a poor state.  Read more...
  • German BNN (Association for the Production and Trade of Natural Food) acknowledges Friends of the Sea eco-label.  The move recognises wild caught seafood with the label as natural food.  Read more...
fish in the seafood section in the Han Ah Reum...
fish in the seafood section in the Han Ah Reum International Supermarket in Virginia, United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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New! IAF Article: Sustaining the supply of Chinese tilapia

Critics of aquaculture are quick to point out the potentially damaging environmental impact of intensive fish farming.  In this article from International Aquafeed July/August 2012 Han Han of the Sustainable Fisheries partnership explains how the organisation is taking steps to ensure that the supply of Chinese tilapia is sustainable and environmentally friendly.
Tilapia (Photo credit: nate steiner)

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

BBC: UK cod and haddock demand exceeds supply

This story has been all over the BBC today.  That the UK imports more fish than it produces is no great surprise (particularly given the national love of fish and chips)but it is good to learn that the mainstream press is wiling to give coverage to seafood sustainability stories.  What do you think?
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Cod fish
Cod fish (Photo credit: mariuszpierog)

21/08/12: Sri Lanka's aquaculture plan, Philippine typhoon, offshore cage photos

  • Sri Lanka is committed to setting up a Global Aquaculture fund, reports the Sri Lanka Daily News.  Read more...
  • More fish cage and fishpond farmers have reported losses after Typhoon Helen hit the Ilocos Region on August 14, 2012 according to the Philippine Information Agency.  Read more...
  • Giant offshore cages make stunning aquaculture photos and the one accompanying this article are no exception.
An enlargeable topographic map of Sri Lanka
An enlargeable topographic map of Sri Lanka (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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New! IAF Article: Feed formulation and feeding strategies for tilapia

The Expert Topic on tilapia in the July/August issue of International Aquafeed had proved incredibly popular.  In fact, on one of our online platforms the average read time for the series of features is a whopping 12 minutes.  In the fourth installment, Ingrid Lupatsch, Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture, Swansea University, UK, sheds light on feed formulation and feeding strategies for tilapia.  Read full article here.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

2012 Novus WAS Internship Challenge: fancy going to Vietnam?

Novus International, Inc. is pleased to announce the sponsorship of the 2012 Novus World Aquaculture Society (WAS) Internship program. Aquaculture has a bright future, as it represents the fastest growing animal production industry. Novus recognises the need for the industry to attract and educate talented individuals to become future aqua research scientists and nutritionists. This internship program represents an investment by Novus into the future of the aquaculture industry. All eligible candidates are encouraged to apply.
Challenge Topic:
Culture of low cost freshwater fish (carp, tilapia or catfish) is rapidly expanding worldwide and provides a tremendous opportunity to provide high quality animal protein for feeding growing world populations.  As production expands, price pressures have increased on growers demanding improved efficiencies. Suggest an experiment which will test a technology aimed at providing alternatives for feed producers which can help reduce production costs through increased productivity, growth and/or feed conversion efficiencies while controlling or reducing feed cost. Provide a background literature review that focuses on the mode of action behind the experimental hypothesis. 
Proposal to be submitted by November 15, 2012 describing an innovative testable proposal in the area described above.  Proposals should be limited to two to three typewritten pages plus references.  A one page CV of the candidate should be attached to the proposal. Applicant must be enrolled in a University MSc or PhD program at the time of application.
Ho Chi Minh City's Downtown at night
Ho Chi Minh City's Downtown at night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Selection of Novus intern will be announced at Aquaculture 2013, Nashville TN.  A digital photograph of the intern will be needed for the announcement.
Following selection, the 4 week internship will be scheduled June-Aug 2013. The intern will work with The Novus Aquaculture Research team on a current project being carried out at the Novus Aqua Research Center, Vietnam.  Vietnam is the 3rd largest aqua production country in the world. Our Novus Aqua Research Center is integrally connected to the aqua industry and allows the intern to learn about and experience aquaculture in Vietnam through interactions with the Novus research and operations teams.  
The award will include:
·       Travel to and from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
·       Lodging in a University student dormitory in Vietnam during the internship
·       Per diem of $1000 to help defray living costs in Vietnam
Submit proposals by email to Lorraine Magney at Novus.
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20/08/12: conch sustainability; US drought and catfish; Maryland plant-based fish feed

Today we have a bit of a US-themed blog.  There's no particular reason, it just seems that the US is a awash with aquaculture stories at the moment.  We've managed to find quite a selection and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did.
  • Conch fishery lucrative but imperiled says the Boston Globe.  The little-known industry has experienced something of a boom in recent years but state official are now calling for sustainability measures to be implemented to ensure the future of this lucrative seafood.  Read more...
  • You would have to have been living under a rock for the past few months not to have heard that the US Midwest is experiencing a devestating drought.  It is not just the agriculture industry which is suffering.  The failure of crops has lead to a spike in feed prices which is putting the pressure on catfish farmers in Mississippi.  Read a report in the Delta Farm Press here.
  • The Baltimore Sun visits the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology (part of the University System of Maryland) to find out about research into a plant-based proteins for fish feed.  Read more...
Did you know you can search for aquaculture news on our news portal service, Global Aquaculture News?  It trawls the web for the most up-to-date stories and stores them by category.  Go on, have look...
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Map of USA with Midwest highlighted
Map of USA with Midwest highlighted (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New! IAF Article: tilapia 'super males'

In the third article in IAF's tilapia special, Eric Roderick of FishGen. looks at the rise of the 'super male'. Read full article here.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Video: Raising clams

Barbara Austin of Wellfleet Aquaculture gives the Cape Cod Times an insight into her job as an aquaculturist specialising in clams.

17/08/12: Australian climate change; aquaculture report; fish farm Zambia

The 2012 Marine Climate Change in Australia Report Card shows climate change is having significant impacts on Australia's marine ecosystems.

Read more at:
  • The 2012 Marine Climate Change in Australia Report Card finds that climate change is having an impact on the country's marine ecosystems.  Read more...
  • This Worldwatch is an interesting report into the rising consumption seafood and how aquaculture is responding to meet this demand.  However, growth in fish farming can be a double-edged sword, say report authors Danielle Nierenberg and Katie Spoden.  Find out why here.
  • Plans for a US$3 million fish farm in Zambia.  Yalelo Limited also plans to set up a US$1.2 million fish food processing plant.  Read more...
The 2012 Marine Climate Change in Australia Report Card shows climate change is having significant impacts on Australia's marine ecosystems.

Read more at:
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Map of Zambia
Map of Zambia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New! IAF Article: Tilapia cage farm management in Brazil

This article from International Aquafeed July/August 2012 explores the burgeoning aquaculture industry in Brazil.  Written by Alberto J P Nunes, the article focuses on tilapia cage farm management.
Read the full article here.
English: Tilapia zilli (redbelly tilapia, &quo...
English: Tilapia zilli (redbelly tilapia, "St. Peter's fish"), typical serving in a Tiberias restaurant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

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16/08/12: Coimex; Fiji shark sanctuary; fish brain development

  • Coimex to build a new surimi processing plant in Vietnam.  This year, Coimex site in Rach Gia district, Kien Giang province will have a total capacity of 100 mt of raw material per day.  Read more...
  • Fiji shark sanctuary will endanger fisheries says minister.  Read more...
  • Fish brain development provides new insights into how vascular networks form.  Read more...
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Fiji (Photo credit: Brett Jordan)