Monday, April 29, 2013

29/04/13: Canada special

An aquaculture company in New Brunswick, Canada has been charged $500,000 after pleading guilty to two charges connected to the deaths of hundreds of lobsters from a pesticide three years ago.
Kelly Cove Salmon, a division of Cooke Aquaculture, was fined $100,000 and was also ordered to pay $350,000 to the University of New Brunswick's environmental studies programme and an additional $50,000 in trust to the environmental damages fund. The penalty is the largest ever sum imposed in New Brunswick for environmental violations under the federal Fisheries Act.

AgriMarine has announced it has agreed a $5 million loan deal with Dundee Agricultural Corporation
The money will be used for the purchase and deployment of further AgriMarine System™ tanks.

Opposition liberals in Canada are calling for the resignation of the aquaculture minister Mike Olscamp alleging he interfered with an investigation into deputy premier Paul Robichaud's brother.
New Brunswick, Canada
New Brunswick, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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