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01/12/2015: Increased interest in Aqua Nor 2017

There is growing satisfaction with Aqua Nor among both exhibitors and visitors, and more are now saying they will be back. The up-coming expansion of Trondheim Spektrum – the exhibition halls – will increase the capacity for future exhibitions; in 2017 a large, temporary hall will be erected, and for Aqua Nor 2019 an even larger, permanent hall will be ready.

Exhibitors at Aqua Nor 2015 expressed that they "to a great extent, and to a greater extent than before, intend to participate in the next Aqua Nor". This is the conclusion in a customer survey among exhibitors and visitors that was undertaken after Aqua Nor 2015. Managing Director Ola Eriksen is now very happy that the expansion plans have been approved in time for Aqua Nor 2017.

Aqua Nor's Managing Director Ola Eriksen
“We are very happy that a larger number of exhibitors and visitors wish to come to our show in 2017 – and we will be ready to welcome them all.”

Doubling the exhibition area that will be demolished 

"We have noticed that some of the respondents in the survey are wondering what the expansion plans for Trondheim Spektrum will mean for Aqua Nor 2017. The exhibition will be held as usual, but with a greater capacity. We will demolish halls A, B, and C, and replace these with a building that will be almost three times their combined size. This means that we will have to erect a temporary hall for Aqua Nor 2017, but even this hall will be twice the size of the halls that we are tearing down,” explains Mr Eriksen.

No more waiting list
At Aqua Nor 2015, the organisers for the first time ever had to set up a waiting list for exhibitors. “In 2017 and later years, we will be able to accommodate all those who were on the waiting list for this year’s exhibition,” says Mr Eriksen.

Relevant exhibitors create growth
Eriksen believes the quality and diversity among exhibitors is the main reason behind the record number of visitors at Aqua Nor 2015, and the increased satisfaction among exhibitors and visitors alike.


“We are of course thrilled about the growing number of exhibitors and visitors – but the quality is even more important. We see that participants feel that it is the right people who come to Aqua Nor.”

The fact that participants in the last exhibition are satisfied and positive is important to the organisers. However, Aqua Nor 2015 is now history, and the focus is now on Aqua Nor 2017.

Identifying possible improvements
Mr Eriksen is also very focused on areas where improvements can be made, and these have been identified through the survey.

“We are extremely grateful that so many took the time to respond and give us this feedback. What we believe to be important and good may be quite different from what the exhibitors and visitors think is important and good. The results of the customer survey tell us what we need to improve and what our focus for the next exhibition should be. The participants shall have an even better experience next time they come,” says Mr Eriksen.

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