Wednesday, September 21, 2016

21/09/2016: Marine Harvest’s cleanerfish manager developing new eco-friendly ways to boost fish health

Marine Harvest’s cleanerfish manager, Ronnie Hawkins, is playing an essential role by developing new eco-friendly ways to boost fish health.

In  recent articlepublished on ScottishSalmon it was reported that Ronnie has overseen the introduction of cleanerfish (wrasse and lumpfish) to seawater farm sites across Scotland.

These fish live happily alongside salmon, feeding on any sea lice, adding a sustainable option to salmon husbandry.

Some impressive results are already evident, which Ronnie credits to increased understanding of cleanerfish which helps farmers use them more effectively.
Image: Mack Male

Ronnie, who is based in the Marine Harvest office at Stob Ban, Fort William, said: “It’s fascinating to see cleanerfish living alongside our salmon. We’ve had to learn how to care for a completely different species of fish which means understanding how they live, how they rest and how they feed. We’ve had to think on our feet, and use some tried and tested techniques to help us find the most appropriate husbandry practices to encourage cleanerfish to thrive in the farmed environment”.

Marine Harvest has been so impressed with the results so far, it intends to stock the majority of its sites with cleanerfish by the end of 2017.

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