Wednesday, November 2, 2016

02/11/2016: A factory supporting gut health management

Aquaculture production faces the challenge of having to achieve higher levels of productivity while delivering high-quality products that meet world demands.

Digestive functionality correlates with farm profits

The transformation of feed into biomass gain is a process that starts in the digestive system of the animal.

As such, the health status of the animal and its digestive functionality correlate directly with farm profits. The aquatic environment is rich in microorganisms, with both hosts and microorganisms sharing the same ecosystem.

Surrounding bacteria are continuously ingested either with the feed or when the host is drinking, causing a natural interaction between the microbiota of the ambient environment and the gut environment.

If the bacterial challenge exceeds a certain level, the health of the animal is in danger, as the animal alone cannot defend itself sufficiently.

The optimum growth performance in livestock production is constantly endangered by bacteria, which cause high-energy losses and negatively impact the growth of the animal, says Biomin in a recent press breifing.

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