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24/01/2017: Abstract presentation Dr Holger Kühlwein – Aquatic Asia conference 2017

“From beer to fish: functional brewer’s yeast products in aquafeeds”

by Dr Holger Kühlwein, Leiber GmbH

Beer brewing has a centuries-long tradition, and especially the famous Reinheitsgebot, sometimes called the “German Purity Law”, of beer brewing from the year 1516 has enormously contributed to the great acceptance of beer as a high-quality, food-grade product. 

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Consequently, processing the brewer’s yeast to a refined quality after the brewing process results in a premium, standardised, quality consistent, guaranteed non-GMO raw material free from other contaminants or additives (e.g. additional flavor components, enzymes or even antibiotics and heavy metals).

The yeast used during beer brewing is Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Depending on the further processing a range of various brewer’s yeast products can be produced featuring different functionalities in humans and animals including aquatic organisms (e.g. prebiotic yeast cell walls improving gut health, and highly purified ß-glucans boosting immune competence).

In intensive aquaculture fish and shellfish are often subjected to a plethora of various stressors in their living environment (pathogens, handling/transport, environmental changes, etc.).

In consequence, these stressors may have negative effects on growth performance and health status of the animal, and ultimately the economic success of aquaculture husbandry.

Hence, functional feeds are increasingly applied in order to prophylactically strengthen the animal’s resistance against external adversities.

The presentation will introduce the functional differences in various brewer’s yeast products, and then illustrate these functionalities in aquatic species by means of exemplary scientific research data.

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