Monday, March 27, 2017

27/03/2017: Gene selection of ornamental shrimps in Taiwan

by Huang, Chang-Wen, National Taiwan Ocean University, Department of Aquaculture

New era of Ornamental Aquarium

In modern times, as people lead a busy and fast-tempo life and face heavy pressure, they are eager to have a high quality of life and relax by interacting with the natural world; hence, the demand for recreation and healing products is growing

As estimated by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the total value driven by global ornamental aquatic animals, ancillary water quality equipment, and other such industries is projected to reach 15 billion USD.

In addition, the retail market of ornamental fish, aquatic invertebrates, aquatic plants, and other ornamental aquatic organisms is estimated at about 6 billion USD each year.

The production and trade flow of such ornamental aquatic organisms are closely associated with the development direction of the industry, and have become products with development potential and competitive advantage.

At present, more than 100 countries have developed similar related industries, which have become star industries. The related value chains of the ornamental aquarium industry include, from upstream to downstream, breeding farms, interface equipment, sales channels, and cultural media, which focus on breeding animals and plants.

The various ornamental aquatic organisms are ever changing and have amazing appearance and characteristics, as well as glorious colours. In recent years, raising ornamental aquatic organisms has become one of the activities for people to relieve anxiety and life stress.

People are especially enamoured with ornamental shrimps, which can create wonderful life in a small space.

In spite of the sluggish ornamental aquarium market, the sales of ornamental shrimps can increase, and gradually stimulate the Otaku Economy, which will facilitate alleviating physical and mental pressure and Lohas aesthetics.

From rags to riches
It is appropriate to use the phrase "rags to riches" to describe the presence and evolution of ornamental shrimps in the past two decades.

The shrimps are collected from the wild, look ordinary, are priced at tael, and used as feed.

However, after long-term continuous innovation and improvement, the original species of bee shrimps and Neocaridina Denticulate have acquired a new look and show a wide array of colours.

They are dreamlike high-end products, and considered as works of art. Coupled with their subtle colours and special lines, their worth can double, thus, they can create a staggering output value.

In addition to increasing the beauty of aquarium landscaping, shrimps can also command residual fees, remove algae from the water, and contribute to the ecological stability of an aquarium; therefore, they meet the global trend of small aquariums, and have been welcomed by aquarium enthusiasts in developed countries. To date, they remain the key targets of popular aquarium pets, which are highly sought-after in the aquarium industry both at home and abroad.

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