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11/07/2017: Over one million live fish transported from Turkey to Oman by plane

Kılıç Holding has exported more than 1 million sea bream fish for the first time in Oman for the aquaculture fishery

Kılıç Holding, which has attracted attention with its export of 142 million dollars in 2016, continues to increase its exports with the demand for live fish in the Gulf countries Kılıç Holding, one of Turkey's and Europe's leading aquaculture companies, proceeds with its endeavors to speed up exports. 

Image credit: Kılıç Holding
Kılıç Holding produces 50 thousand tons of fish and exports 70 percent of its production annually. Kılıç Holding has sent Oman 1,200,000 sea bream for bone marrow as the first party. Kılıç Holding, which exports seed fish to Arab countries, aims to increase the exports over to each Gulf country.

“We supply the Arab countries with their need for seed fish”

Kılıç Deniz Ürünleri Hatcheries and Foreign Investments Director Serkan Ilgaz, who reports Turkey has become the market leader in seabream and seabass, leaving behind Greece in the production of aquaculture, says "Our hatcheries in Muğla and Aydın produce 200-250 million seed fish a year. We cover half the seed fish production in Turkey. We had been exporting our fishes by sea-shipment until recently. However, we have started shipping to new markets we could not reach by sea via air-shipment. Interest in the live fish, especially having recently started in the Gulf countries, has moved us to action. We are exporting live fish to Tunisia, Oman and Saudi Arabia. We currently have 30 percent of the Tunisian market. Last of all, we have made an export of seabream to Oman with the value of USD $500,000, for their newly-initiated aquaculture projects. That this has been the first big-scale air-shipment of live fish to date, constitutes an important aspect of the export in question.”

Seed fish have diligently delivered in Oman
The seed fish brought from İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport from Milas' land-hatchery have been transported to Oman by air-shipment. Approximately 1,200,000 seed fish weighing two grams per fish placed in boxes made of special plastic have been loaded on a plane equipped with oxygen tubes so as not to lower the oxygen value of the water. Due to the lack of hatchery in Oman, the fish will be sold after reaching 400 grams upon one year's care.

Visit the Kılıç Holding website, HERE.

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