Tuesday, July 11, 2017

12/07/2017: Here comes Costa Rica

by Antonio Garza de Ph.D., University of Technology of the Sea of Tamaulipas Bicentennial, Mexico

In recent days I had the great honour of giving the inaugural class for the first generation of the Baccalaureate in Aquaculture of the National Technical University (UTN) in Costa Rica

Dr Antonio Garza de Yta
The intention was that from my perspective could motivate the new students to continue for this beautiful world of aquaculture. Actually, I think the experience was more inspiration for me, the server. My visit to Puntarenas filled my soul, since I can see young people wanting to succeed in life, with that passion in their eyes, with that easy smile, with that security when walking that only belongs to the youth, but recharges the batteries of anybody.

During this visit, I was able to get to know the new and impeccable facilities that UTN has and spend time with my good friend Don Guillermo Hurtado, who, along with Nelson Acosta, Director of the Latin American and Caribbean Chapter of the World Society of Acuaculture (LACC-WAS) got to work and after many years of vision and effort they managed to consolidate this new educational offer that is now a reality.

I am sure that with the professionalism and dedication of all the team in charge and with the human material stadium that is now established, Costa Rican aquaculture can feel safer than ever to advance to the ambitious pace that has been raised recently.

More great news in Costa Rica is a part of the LACC-WAS, the largest conglomerate in LACQUA, organised by San Miguel de San José in 2019. It is an example of a link, which is in fact LACQUA and its centrally located seats. I thank the Rector, Marcelo Prieto and the.

Francisco Romero, Vice-Rector of Research not only the great host, but the vision that both have had to support this event, which will surely be a watershed for Costa Rican aquaculture; Besides an unforgettable experience for all its students.

Changing the topic a little, you know that in this column I always try to have an objective view and get away from political issues. Recent events in our most northern country cannot be overlooked and we need to at least give our attention to them.

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