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23/10/2017: SuperSmolt: A good smolt is half the battle won

by Europharma 

“SuperSmolt Original” is a patented biotechnology programme that combines a functional feed and mineral bath treatment to induce optimal smoltification of Atlantic salmon without need for a winter photoperiod

Europharma, one of the world’s leading developers of fish health and welfare programmes, is helping customers save time and money whilst improving the health of their stocks, thanks to their proprietary smoltification programme, SuperSmolt. 

Image credit: Europharma
The feed and salts act together to stimulate special cell receptors that pre-acclimatise fish to seawater while still in freshwater, providing and maintaining a uniform smoltification.

The result is a high quality smolt that delivers numerous benefits in both the freshwater hatchery and on-growing at sea.

Following the success of the SuperSmolt Original programme, Europharma introduced “SuperSmolt Feed Only” as a new improved programme variation which reduces effort with no need to include additional mineral treatments alongside the functional feed and can therefore also be applied to freshwater cages.

The Clydebank-based company noted a 100 percent uptake of the new programme from existing programmes thanks to its superior benefits and success of SuperSmolt Original. SuperSmolt Feed Only is simple to implement and takes away the need for daily salt dosing, reducing overall costs and the number of hours committed to dosing tanks.

Hatcheries or freshwater loch sites using the SuperSmolt Feed Only programme have found that their fish never desmoltify meaning staff have greater flexibility over sea transfer dates, especially when circumstances dictate a later transfer to sea is required (well boat or sea site delays for example).

The programme brings all the benefits of SuperSmolt Original, thus also allowing earlier transfer of fish due to extra growth from having fish on non-stop 24 hour light from first feeding onwards.

The results of the optimised smoltification achieved by the use of SuperSmolt programmes have been seen in hundreds of millions of fish treated in Scotland, Chile, Canada and Norway, showing better performance at sea compared with those not treated with SuperSmolt.

Feed uptake, survival and growth are improved in the post transfer stage. Europharma supports the SuperSmolt programmes with the integration of in-house ATPase analysis - an important tool in determining the right time to transfer fish to sea.

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