Wednesday, December 6, 2017

07/12/2017: Aquafarm 2018 just two months away

The second edition of Aquafarm 2018 is getting closer and it is based on three general subjects: marine and freshwater aquaculture, vertical farming and off soil crop, algae

The event highlights the intersection and synergies among them.

The highlights: the optimisation and personalisation of the feed recipes; the new biological and chemical-physical technologies for the disinfection and farming water treatment; new technical for the cryopreservation at low temperature and their potential for the enlargement of the market to the export of the Italian farming fish.

On the scientific innovation side, Aquafarm will host the presentation by the Maritime Research Institute of Bergen focused on the results of the improvement genetic program of some salmonid species by using editing genomic techniques denominated CRISPR-CAS.

Vertical farming
On the vertical farming and off soil crop stream, an original focus will be placed on the debate related to overcoming the concept of bio due to the faster progress of the off soil crop and the production of sustainable food. We will dispel the myth about the tasteless of the vertical farming products. At Aquafarm 2018 you could assist in the realisation of a vertical farming.


On the algae field, we are at the dawn of a new era focused on the cost efficiency and the richness of useful substances, innovations that will be examined at Aquafarm. From the raw material for the green chemistry to the nutrients for feed, from the active principle of the nutraceutical to the utilisation of energy and depuration.

Visit the Aquafarm 2018 website, HERE.

View the Aquafarm 2018 aquaculture program, HERE.

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