Tuesday, May 22, 2018

23/05/2018: Deep Trekker to showcase technology in support of sustainable aquaculture in the UK

Aquaculture UK in Aviemore, Scotland May 23rd-24th will serve as the premiere showcase for Deep Trekker’s technology in the UK sector

Aquaculture is an increasingly important industry for Scotland and the whole of the UK, but is not without negative criticism. The industry, under trade association the Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation, has taken steps to increase environmental reporting and transparency.

Technology such as Deep Trekker’s remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and submersible cameras, plays an important role in sustainable aquaculture. From May 23rd to 24th, Deep Trekker will present its remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) at Aquaculture UK in Aviemore, Scotland, booth 211 - providing fish farms with the means to inspect and monitor their stocks, infrastructure, and environmental impact more efficiently and cost effectively.

Deep Trekker provides robotic tools for aquaculture site management in many established and emerging markets. The flagship DTG2 ROV, and the new DT-POD monitory cameras provide site managers the ability to quickly inspect netting, cages, moorings and stock health from the surface of the water. The portable systems allow farms to have access to affordable monitoring technology to reduce fish escapes, identify net integrity issues and reduce the environmental impacts of open ocean farming.

With the growing need for a sustainable food source, world organisations are embracing aquaculture, and looking to robotic technology as a solution for ongoing success. Deep Trekker’s affordable ROV’s provide the ideal solution to monitoring day to day operations, enforcing regulations and investigating the surrounding areas and ecosystem.

For those interested in a live demo, join the Deep Trekker team at booth 211 in Aviemore, Scotland.

For more information visit the Deep Trekker website, HERE.

The International Aquafeed (the magazine that this blog supports) 
team have already arrived in Scotland and are ready to report on Aquaculture UK.

Visit the Aquaculture UK website, HERE.

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