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25/05/2018: The Latin American & Caribbean Aquaculture 2018

LACQUA18 to be held with the VIII Colombian Congress of Aquaculture - VIII CCA in Bogotá, Colombia at the Ágora Convention Centre brings more and more surprises.

Magistral speakers
We are pleased to announce the confirmation of the participation of Drs Alejandro Flores and Sara Patricia Bonilla in the opening plenary of the Congress. 

Dr Alejandro Flores
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Dr Flores is an Aquaculture Engineer from the Mar Technological Institute of Veracruz, Mexico with a Master's degree in Aquaculture and Fisheries Administration from the Institute of Aquaculture of the University of Stirling in Scotland, where he also completed his PhD in Aquaculture Sciences, oriented to the limnobiological characterisation of epicontinental water bodies for aquaculture and sectoral development planning. During his time in the academy, he generated more than 65 scientific articles and books and trained human resources, currently represented by independent researchers in various areas of knowledge that affect aquaculture. He worked as an international consultant in aquaculture, in the Program to Support the Development of Fisheries and Aquaculture of the Central American Isthmus (PRADEPESCA) of the European Union; He has also been an expert of the International Cooperation of Mexico in countries of Central America and Cuba.

He joined the United Nations Organisation for Food and Agriculture (FAO) in 2009, where he has been Coordinator of the Multidisciplinary Team for South America, as well as FAO representative in Argentina and Chile. He currently serves as Senior Officer of Fisheries and Aquaculture for Latin America and the Caribbean. In this work he has conducted processes such as the formulation of National Plans and Policies for the Development of Aquaculture and Fisheries in Argentina, Bolivia, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. In FAO, he has led regional processes such as the creation of the Aquaculture Network of the Americas and the Forum of Parliamentarians of Fisheries and Aquaculture in Latin America and the Caribbean, mechanisms to promote the sustainable development of aquaculture and fisheries; It has also conducted a regional program to strengthen the capacities of aquaculturists with limited resources, for their self-sustainability and inclusion in markets beyond their communities.
Dr Sara Patricia Bonilla
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Dr Sara Patricia Bonilla is a Business Administrator of the Universidad Pontificia Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia, specialising in Innovation, Technological Development and Transfer of International Technologies in Germany and Master in International Relations at the Universidad Pontificia Javeriana in Colombia. Since 2004 his professional career has been developed in the area of aquaculture. She was Executive Vice President of Acuanal, a guild of shrimp producers in Colombia. She worked in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as National Technical Secretary of the Aquaculture Chain, while serving as advisor to the Colombian Federation of Aquaculture, FEDEACUA, a guild of which she is the Executive Director since 2012.

As Executive Director, she leads the most important Quality Program in the Aquaculture sector in Colombia, which aims to implement Good Practices in Aquaculture, which has had favorable results for the Colombian fish industry, reflected in the increase in Colombian exports, positioning the country as the second supplier of fresh tilapia fillet in the United States. Likewise, he leads the research group AQUASOST, recognised by Colciencias and a new formalisation challenge for small Colombian fish producers.

Just as the participation of these two personalities is confirmed for the inauguration of LACQUA18 we are pleased to confirm the agreement reached with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation - UNIDO. With this agreement, the participation of UNIDO, on October 25, with the special session Regional Project for the "Improvement of productivity and competitiveness of the value chains of fisheries in the Latin America and the Caribbean region" is specified. The coordinator of the session will be Mr Alejandro Rivera Rojas, Program Officer of the Latin American and Caribbean Division of UNIDO. This session will present the regional action plan, results by country and continuity proposals, as well as the presentation of the Technical Guide on the application of resource efficiency and cleaner production in the shrimp farming sector. Special guests are expected from various entities such as the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and FEDEACUA, among others.

Aquaculture in Colombia
LACQUA18 has the support of the Colombian Federation of Aquaculture - FEDEACUA, an entity that represents Colombian fish producers, which guarantees the participation of the Colombian productive sector in this important event. Likewise, it is expected that FEDEACUA, from the hand of government entities such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Productive Transformation Program - PTP of the Ministry of Commerce, will present to the public the results of several works that have been done together to improve the productivity and quality of Colombian fish farming, which has been reflected in the increase in exports.

Colombia represents one of the prominent markets in the aquaculture sector, demonstrated by the growth of 10.2% in 2017 compared to 2016 in continental fish farming, with a total of 120,230 tonnes. In the last decade it grew at an average annual rate of 8.54%. For this reason, we are happy to announce that the trade fair in LACQUA18, which has 72 commercial stands, will be a success. National and foreign companies that belong to all the links of the aquaculture chain have already confirmed their participation, among which are Xpertsea, Jefo, Faivre, Fisanet, Darling, TGV, Acqua & Co, Prilabsa, Haxada - Nutreco, Italcol, MSD, Andritz, Tecnoaqua, Xylem, Pharvet, Wenger, Kaeser Compressors, Artkom, USSEC, Aker Biomarine and Quimtia, among others.

Tours to production systems
Within the framework of the event, the possibility of two visits to aquaculture production systems will be offered:
Option 1: visit to the production company of rainbow trout and vegetables in aquaponic system.
Option 2: visit to a production system of red tilapia in biofloc, with a subsequent trip to the company producing ornamental fish such as scalars and dancers as well as production of aquatic plants.

The two tours will be held on Tuesday, October 23 and Saturday, October 27, so that you can attend a tour every day. Take advantage of this opportunity to know alternative and successful systems in Colombian conditions.

Submission of abstracts
The academic component of LACQUA18 has opened its call for the submission of works on various topics among which are the most cultivated aquatic species in Colombia and in countries of the LACC area, with special focus on tilapia, trout, native South American fish and shrimp, as well as diverse topics such as production systems, sustainable aquaculture, health and diseases, physiology and genetics, nutrition and food, processing and economics, and aquaculture socioeconomy. Oral presentations and posters, as well as summaries, may be developed in Spanish, Portuguese or English.

Abstract submission can be made until August 1, 2018 on the event page, HERE.

Information on ways to participate as an assistant or sponsor can be consulted at the link, HERE.

For more information contact Carolina Amézquita Móvil on or by calling +57 3184669122 

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