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20/06/2018: The Student Day at Nor-Fishing 2018, a collaboration between students and the maritime industries

The fisheries and aquaculture industry needs to attract the best heads in order to develop further.

You and your company can now regist
er to participate at this year’s Student Day at Nor-Fishing to get to know the students better.

“For the students, this is an exceptional opportunity to get to know companies in the fisheries industry. At Nor-Fishing, they can learn more about the fisheries industry in Norway and explore the opportunities that exist in terms of jobs and a career in the industry,” says Project Manager at NTNU Bridgehead Fisheries and Aquaculture 2050, Alexandra Neyts.

During this year’s Student Day, there will, in addition to visits to the exhibition, be organised a workshop for students and companies, lectures, breakfast at the meeting place and mingling during Happy Hour.

The Student Day is free of charge and the registration form for both companies and students is now open.
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A bridge to knowledge
Ms Neyts says that the companies represented at the exhibition seem to particularly wish to be involved in master and student theses. The Student Day is organised every year, and at previous occasions companies employed students they met during Student Day.

She also presents NTNU Bridgehead Fisheries and Aquaculture as a new communications platform, which is launched during the exhibition as part of the project Bridgehead Fisheries and Aquaculture 2050. It will make it easier to establish contact between students and companies regarding study theses, summer jobs and other types of projects.

NTNU Bridgehead Fisheries and Aquaculture will be a living platform where companies can register announcements or ideas for studies and actively follow these up. In addition, the portal is connected to supervisors and professors at NTNU who can also follow up inquiries from companies.

There is a need for greener and smarter cooperation between the sciences and theoretical competence, in order to meet future challenges in the fisheries and aquaculture industries.

“In this connection, we see that it is particularly technology that interests the students. Both students and research groups have knowledge and expertise that we may not quite know how can be utilised yet,” says Ms Neyts.

Cross fertilisation
Some of the most interesting issues in the industry at the moment are related to digitalisation, automation and new requirements related to sustainable development. These are issues that can be addressed by students from a wide variety of disciplines.

“We wish to embrace a broad set of issues and to activate the whole student body. The exhibition is relevant to many different disciplines, because they gain insight into the technology and the challenges facing the industry when it seeks to create continued growth,” comments Ms Neyts.

She emphasises that it is important that the students orient themselves in the direction of the industry, and that this is a simplified and more effective method of establishing contact that to invite the companies to visit the universities.

Preliminary programme for the Student Day
(Presentations during the Student Day will be held in Norwegian)

09:00 – Registration
09:30 – Opening and launching of NTNU Bridgehead Fisheries and Aquaculture
10:30 – Workshop and mingling with companies and students Demonstration of NTNU Bridgehead Fisheries and Aquaculture
12:00 – Visits to the exhibition
15:00 – Happy Hour

For questions about the Student Day, contact Alexandra Neyts on alexandra.neyts@ntnu.no

For more information visit the Nor-Fishing website, HERE.

Register for the Nor-Fish Student day, HERE.

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