Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Article: Replacement of fishmeal and marine proteins in practical diets for Pacific white shrimp using terrestrial land animal proteins

Growth of shrimp was not affected by the lower cost diets containing varying amounts of poultry by product meal and soybean meal. Growth is affected when diets do not contain any marine meal. Low levels of hydrolysed feather meal require supplementation with lysine and methionine.

At present farmed shrimp are the largest consumers of fishmeal within the aquaculture sector, consuming an estimated 964,000 tonnes of fishmeal in 2007. The aquaculture sector consumed a total of 3.83 million tonnes or 68.4 percent of the total global fishmeal production in 2007. Apart from the limited supply and availability, there is an urgent need to reduce the dependency of the rapidly growing aquaculture sector upon this limited and potentially food-grade marine fishery resource. Read more ...

An Article written by Authors : Albert G.J. Tacon (Aquatic Farms Ltd ), Edi Wahyu Cahyono, Uus Sugema, Choiruz Zaudjat and Sergio Nates

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