Wednesday, December 10, 2014

10/12/2014: Hugh Jackman learns to gut a fish. Well, 40, actually

Onscreen he has metal claws that go through concrete like butter. In real life, Hugh Jackman had never even gutted a fish - until his latest acting venture, Yahoo! News reports

In his latest appearance on Broadway in ‘The River’, Jackman plays a fisherman who in one scene prepares a real sea-trout onstage before putting it into a mock oven.

A keen character-actor, the star wanted to give audiences the impression that he’d done this kind of thing all his life. So he sought the opinion of professional chefs. Their advice was somewhat unexpected. 

His original plan had been to gut a fish a day, getting used to the process over many weeks. The chefs disagreed: Better to do 40 in one session, they told him. 

So Jackman got to work. Pretty soon his freezer was crammed with fish cakes, fish soup and fish fillets. 

It’s not all bad, though. Although he has to prepare the fish during the play, theatre safety laws prevent him cooking onstage. So every performance he puts his own fish in a mock oven, then eats another, beautifully roasted by the chefs at a nearby Irish pub. 

“Actors love that: free food. That never leaves you”, he says. 

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