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05/04/2016: Poeth Solids Processing introduces high-capacity Z-Conveyor

Cost-effective alternative to explosion-prone bucket elevator transport

The cost of ensuring that bucket elevator transport systems are explosion-safe can be up to three times as much as the cost of the transport system itself. That is also why Poeth Solids Processing, based in Tegelen in the Netherlands, has developed the innovative and cost-effective Z-Conveyor for the high-capacity transport of bulk solids to great heights. The Z-Conveyor eliminates the need for expensive investments in ATEX safety systems. The new system is also energy-efficient and suitable for handling fragile products. Finally, the construction costs are also significantly lower.

Transporting dry particulates without the high cost of ATEX safety systems
Dry organic particulates are explosion-prone by nature, especially when transported at speeds in excess of 1 m/s. Bucket elevator transport systems are very suitable for transporting materials vertically, but such systems are effective only at speeds in excess of 2 m/s. Accordingly, bucket elevator systems must be equipped with increasingly rigorous and expensive ATEX-compliant safety systems.

As a result, the costs associated with decoupling, explosion suppression, load relief, misalignment protection, automation, and maintenance for bucket transport systems are presently up to three times as high as the cost of the transport system itself. That is why Poeth Solids Processing has developed a new system for the horizontal, vertical, and/or diagonal transport of explosion-prone dry products which eliminates the need for investing in expensive explosion suppression and safety systems that comply with the ATEX standard.

Energy-efficient and gentle transport without major construction costs

The innovative design of the new Z-Conveyor developed by Poeth allows for high loading levels and transport capacities from 45 m³ up to 220 m³ per hour. Since the Z-Conveyer has excellent performance characteristics at speeds well below 1 m/s, there is also no risk of explosion. This eliminates the need for making major investments in order to ensure compliance with the increasingly strict ATEX safety standards, including the costs resulting from the new CEN 305 legislation.

The new Z-Conveyor can also be installed without a roof structure, basement, or building pit, resulting in additional cost savings that make it a very attractive alternative to bucket transport. The Z-Conveyor transports powders, particles, and granulates gently and carefully, making it very suitable for fragile ingredients such as malt, barley, maize, milk powders, coffee, tea, cocoa, soya, pressed pellets, and extruded products. Poeth's Z-Conveyor is also very energy-efficient and saves up to 90 percent of energy costs compared to pneumatic transport. The system can be used for vertical transport up to heights of 10 metres and more.
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Poeth develops, builds, and installs high-quality machines and production lines for a wide range of solids handling processes. The Z-Conveyor can be used for handling bulk solids in a wide range of sectors including the feed, food, chemicals, petfood, plastics, recycling, and brewery industries.

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