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20/04/2016: MailOnline: Mother-of-three claims eating oily fish 'cured her postnatal depression'
Image: Mark Ingle
A mother who became obsessed her children would die in freak accidents claims she cured her postnatal depression by eating a daily portion of fish, Madlen Davies writes in the MailOnline.

Melanie Lawson, 43, suffered from OCD from the age of nine, when she couldn't go to sleep without checking the curtains were closed or that nobody was hiding under the bed.

After her first child was born she began having terrifying repetitive thoughts - such as that she would be mowed down by a car - as well as postnatal depression.

Unwilling to take antidepressants - and still suffering when her second child was born - she began searching for a natural cure.

After discovering oily fish could help with mental illness, the mother-of-three began eating sardines, mackerel or smoked salmon every day.

She claims the fish-rich diet helped her manage her OCD and cured her depression - so by the time her third child was born she could truly enjoy being a new mother.

Mrs Lawson of Brighton, East Sussex, said: 'I wanted to get better for my kids. I saw medication as a last resort and wanted to adopt a more natural approach.

'I thought about what I could eat to make myself feel better and I read that omega 3, which is found in fish, is good for the brain.

'I started taking fish oil and eating some sort of oily fish every day.

Read the full article in the MailOnline HERE

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