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06/04/2016: Efficient and reliable feed system for fish farming operations - AKVA Group Feed Barges

First published in International Aquafeed, January-February 2016

The main purpose of a feed barge is to provide an efficient and reliable feed system for fish farming operations. The second purpose is to provide a safe worksite for operators.

AKVA group is an international company with offices in a proud total of nine countries including their head office in Bryne, Switzerland. AKVA is the leading supplier of feed barges and has an impressive range of steel barges. The feed barges that they offer are suitable for a wide range of sites and climates; including inshore, offshore, arctic and tropical areas.

There are more than 20 standard barge models in AKVA’s Wavemaster product portfolio, but there is really no such thing as a typical AKVA group barge. Each barge is tailored to the needs of the customer, and the barge team in AKVA group takes great pride in their ability to be flexible and solution oriented.

According to Andres Lara, Barge Manager “AKVA group are experienced in producing high quality barges, but at the end of the day it is the fish farmers who are out there working day in day out.”

Adding that “this is why we work so closely with our customers in the design process, because the customer really does know best what is important to them.”

During the planning phase of development, AKVA investigate the intended location of use thoroughly to ensure that the needs of the customer are met with the barge that they eventually. If the barges are going to be exposed to a harsh environment for example, then the structural requirements and balance will be carefully adjusted accordingly.

Although they do their best to cater customer needs, no compromises are made when it comes to calculations and structural design. All of AKVA’s barges are certified in accordance with the Norwegian standard NS9415 2009. But even with the strictest certification demands, AKVA group aim to be as flexible as possible within realistic structural and financial limits, this is something that they pride themselves on.

“Although we are known to be flexible we always make sure all safety aspects are well taken care of and that all certification criteria’s are met.” Mr Lara added.

All of the latest Wavemaster models are able to provide for the full spectrum of economic efficiency and to a wide range of cage farming operations, with sizes ranging from 96 to 850 metric tons. These barges also include the latest innovations in efficient feed handling, storage, logistics and personnel comforts to ensure a functional and safe farm base for the crew.

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