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14/06/2016: CaPlus ME: the best choice to improve health in aquaculture

The aquaculture industry is one of the fastest growing agricultural sectors of the global food production, Dr Eckel says. 
This rapid growing demand for fish, fish products and shrimps leads to a very high production rate and increases the risk of on-farm diseases. Supporting health with the use of CaPlus ME reduces the exposure of diseases. A successful harvest will be the result.

CaPlus ME is a special carefully selected blend of organic and inorganic acids and their salts as well as microencapsulated acids and essential oils. These components will be slowly released into the intestine and develop their full range of action in the animal. The active ingredients in CaPlus ME act as a strong antimicrobial and are able to stimulate the immune system of shrimp.      


CaPlus ME: Mode of action against typical challenges
CaPlus ME provides several benefits in the feed and in the animal. One of the most important physiological effect is the inhibition of harmful intestinal bacteria by the ability of organic acids and essential oils to directly impair pathogen cells (figure 1). Another advantage is the unspecific immune stimulation (eg in shrimp).

Scientifically proven: strong health and growth promoting effect

The powerful health and growth promoting effect of CaPlus ME has been demonstrated in several research trials. Trials conducted in cooperation with the Kasetsart University in Thailand show the immunological effects on antimicrobial genes (AMPs: C‐type lectin and penaeidin gene expression) of Pacific White Shrimp in different culture periods. It was found that during harvest period, C‐type lectin and penaeidin gene expression of treated shrimp were significantly increased (figures 2 and 3). The researchers concluded that CaPlus ME up‐regulated the expression of AMP genes which is seen as extremely positive to cultured shrimp especially when they are challenged with pathogens (bacterial or viral eg Vibrio spp, White spot virus, IMNV, EMS, etc). This implies a strong health promoting effect from the next generation acidifier CaPlus ME.

A commercial trial with Tilapia (178 tons of fish biomass) was carried out analysing the growth and health promoting effect of CaPlus ME . Its application clearly shows a significant increase of the survival rate by 20 percent.

At farm level, CaPlus ME in aquafeeds leads to support the immune system, growth performance as well as reducing mortality and the use of antibiotics. This contributes to the farm’s profit and sustainability. Furthermore, CaPlus ME is not corrosive and easy to handle.

Make your production more profitable with CaPlus ME

Summarising the results shows that the powerful active components in CaPlus ME in aquafeeds contribute to animal health and resource efficiency. Additionally, using CaPlus ME the usage of antibiotics will decrease. These effects result in an increase in profitability for the farmer and feed manufacturer.

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