Friday, June 17, 2016

17/06/2016: This destructive practice may be responsible for your exotic pet fish
Image: Peter Corbett
The colourful fish swimming around in saltwater aquariums around the country may look pretty, but the way they ended up in those aquariums is anything but, according to the ThinkProgress website.

A new report by the Haereticus Environmental Laboratory and nonprofit group For the Fishes tested fish from pet stores in five US states. It found that over half of these fish tested positive for exposure to cyanide, a dangerous chemical that can kill the fish and destroy their reef habitats. Collecting fish from coral reefs using cyanide isn’t legal in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia — the countries where much of the world’s imported reef fish come from. But poor law enforcement means that fish collectors in these countries still often spray cyanide over reefs, stunning the bright reef fish they’re seeking to collect and bleaching or even killing the surrounding coral.

Read the full article HERE.

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