Tuesday, July 5, 2016

05/07/2016: PescaPex Pipe - the best choice for feeding salmon

The PescaPex Pipe is a new feeding pipe on the market, and it is very competitive both in terms of durability, feed distribution and maintenance. In addition, PescaPex is certified antistatic=10 in 6-10 ohms.
The PescaPex Pipe is available from 20mm and is also suitable for hatchery use. PescaPex has many advantages for the salmon farmer. For example, it has a very smooth inner surface that means less friction. This in turn means a very gentle treatment of feed pellets, less dust and lower blower pressure required to move the feed long distances.
At the same time, the inner surface is very strong with no gaps or cracks that could lead to clogging of the pipe, as dust and pellets cannot get caught on the smooth surface. This means no need for downtime or repairs.
The producer guarantees a lifetime of 3 years, or distribution of 2000 tonnes of feed.
PescaPex is produced under very high pressure and temperatures and the molecules are cross-linked during production. This means that the pipe is created with a 'memory,' returning to its original shape after trauma, whether extreme weather conditions or collisions with boats or trucks.
There are major economic benefits associated with the use of PescaPex. The pipe durability is proven to be at least 4-5 times longer than that of usual PE pipes. After installation there is no need for handling or logistics related to the pipe - so your focus can be on feeding your fish, not repairing your pipes.
Several Norwegian salmon companies have already tried PescaPex; all are very satisfied with the performance of the pipe and are now regular customers.
The Pesca Pex Pipe is distributed by the Danish company AquaProcess, a well- known supplier of high performing products to the fish farming industry globally.
Learn more on the company website HERE. 

Contact the company direct at info@aquaprocess.dk or give them a call on +45 29 17 20 70.

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