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06/07/2016: The Faivre equipped trout farms of Abbeville
Amidst the picturesque countryside of Abbeville, Northern France, Darren Parris, Tom Blacker and Peter Parker from the International Aquafeed team spent an afternoon late last year visiting trout farms. Our hosts were Phillip Jorgensen, fish farms manager, and Aubert Faivre, who is sales manager for Faivre.

First published in International Aquafeed, May-June 2016

Managing a proud total of nine sites located within an hour’s drive of Abbeville, Mr Jorgensen has personally been fish farming since 2006. However, his family originally began fish farming in Denmark in 1893, before moving to farm in France in the 1930s.

Mr Jorgensen told our party that his family has been “using Faivre products for a long time as they are better than the more expensive alternatives.”

Founded in 1958, Faivre is a globally competitive company boasting almost 60 years of aquacultural experience with a wide range to offer from individual products to full installation.

Faivre focus on producing machinery that is strong, effective and simple. Their range of products includes fish graders, counters, elevators, and pumps, as well as drum filters, leaf screeners, floating surface aerators and diffuser pipes.

Water quality equipment, silage filters and aerators
Throughout our day with Mr Jorgensen and Mr Faivre, we visited three farms where we saw a vast array of Favire products in action.

On every single one of the sites, there was a Faivre Drum Filter Rotoclean installed. The function of this particular piece of equipment is to ensure strict filtration of outgoing effluent flows.

The water that is to be filtered is directed into the rotating drum. Inside the drum there are steel plates covered in a stainless steal mesh. The filter functions to collect solids larger than the perforations in the mesh as it rotates, containing them in the drum.

Collected solids are removed via a discharge channel located on the top of the drum.

Mr Jorgensen informed our party that the filter is “easy to maintain” and that it does not take long to remove, clean and replace the filter plates.

All of the sites we visited had numerous aerators installed; these are devices that spray water into the air, leading to an increased contact of the water with the atmosphere. The result is increased oxygen levels of the water.

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