Wednesday, July 27, 2016

27/07/2016: Largest event delivers for AWF in Indonesia
By Roy Palmer
First published in International Aquafeed, July-August 2016

There have only been two WAS events in Indonesia; the first was just after AwF had started in 2005 in Bali, and the second was the Asia Pacific Aquaculture (APA) 2016 in Surabaya at the end of April.
The people flocked to Surabaya where they provided 240 exhibition booths and eleven rooms of conference over three crammed but exciting days at Grand City complex in the centre of the large city. The numbers may well have expected to be down a little on usual because of the clash with the Seafood Expo Global in Brussels but, primarily due to the local Indonesian support, WAS saw record numbers exceeding 5,500 people attend.
Indonesia, of course has a rapidly expanding aquaculture industry – nearly 20 percent increase in the last five years in hectares in aquaculture production and over 50 percent per year increase in tons produced every year for the last 10 years. For those visiting from EU, USA, Australia, etc it was important to see the government and industry partnership, which is obviously needed to maximise aquaculture outcomes.
You need a formula of a government
In order for a country to achieve what Indonesia has over these passed years you need a formula of a government that sets the governance, infrastructure and incentives to engage people in aquaculture coupled with industry groups that grasp the opportunities and in the background you need active service industries that supply education, equipment, feed and all the other ingredients. You can see in Indonesia that this is happening.
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