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03/10/2016: Humber Seafood Summit key speakers want minimal Brexit impact for industry

The Humber Seafood Summit was held in the UK recently, focusing on themes of seafood consumers, aquaculture, and trade.

According to a recent article on Grimsbytelegraph, the Humber Seafood Summit key speakers voiced their wishes for Brexit to have as soft as possible an effect on the seafood industry.

Concerns ranging from losing the global leadership in seafood management to document-driven delays on the quayside were aired.

While the return of fisheries management and 200 mile limits was heralded, it was the only positive as the departure from the EU looks set to split industry opinion, with processors and logistics professionals seemingly slightly at odds with the catching sector.

The question was also put as to how high up the agenda the sector will be when it comes to energy and steel and other competing issues. As such it was a special addition to the summit's itinerary.

Icelandic Seachill technical and CSR director, Nigel Edwards, called for seafood to be a "special case," set aside from other manufacturing sectors when it comes to unraveling negotiations.

In a strong call for the status quo with a few additions from home rule, he said: "We need the best possible trading and regulatory environment. We need continued access to a skilled workforce that we value. The food industry as a whole, over a quarter of labour comes from other EU countries.”

"We need to maintain access to the existing market, but just as importantly we need to maintain our ability to import at zero or reduced tariff levels from suppliers from in the EU and outside of the EU."

He called for regulation to remain to reassure consumers, while desperately keen to safeguard standards when it comes to factories, and applauded the efforts made in climate change and EU-led tackling of modern slavery when it comes to working practices.

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