Monday, October 17, 2016

18/10/2016: Fish released to test viability of off-shore kingfish farming

As part of a commercial-scale New South Wales Government research project, thousands of fish have been released from Post Stephen, Australia.

In a recent article published on ABC NEWS, it was reported that tens of thousands of tiny fish have been released off the coast of Port Stephens.
The yellowtail kingfish fingerlings have been transferred to a sea pen in Providence Bay, off Hawks Nest.
Port Stephens: Pete the painter

It is part of a joint project between the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and Huon Aquaculture.

DPI research leader Wayne O'Conner said the fingerlings would play a role in establishing a sustainable supply of seafood.

"They will spawn naturally here. We will collect the eggs and then we'll produce the fingerlings," he said.

"The fingerlings we are sending out today are now about five months old, and are approximately 30 grams in size, and about 15 centimetres in length."

Huon Aquaculture's David White said the trial could dramatically increase the local seafood supply. "We are going to prove one way or the other how to grow kingfish commercially offshore," Mr White said.

"So that is why we are calling it a trial, why we have committed to a trial, we'll bring the very best technology, we'll adapt that and learn from what we are seeing out there."

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