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09/08/2017: Biorigin obtains their first certification of the Bonsucro chain of custody standard

Biorigin, Zilor’s business unit dedicated to biotechnology, is the first company in the world to obtain Bonsucro Chain of Custody Standard certification for fermentable sugar and yeast creams from sugarcane

The Bonsucro Chain of Custody Standard is a certification of the supply of sugarcane product encompassing the entire production chain, from the field to the final customer, including the processing, transformation, manufacturing, and distribution stages.

Antonio Jose Zillo, CEO of Zilor, received Biorigin´s Bonsucro Chain of Custody certification
Image credit: Biorigin 

Certification against the Chain of Custody Standard provides assurance that the claims of compliance with Bonsucro’s Production Standard, can be tracked along the supply chain.

The Bonsucro Production Standard is the first global metric standard of the sustainability of sugarcane and sugarcane-derived products. It demonstrates that a company complies with the legislation, respects human and labour rights, ensures sustainable production, preserves biodiversity and ecosystems, while continuously improving its production processes.

Three of Zilor’s sugarcane mills have already obtained Bonsucro Production certificates. On July 17, 2017, Control Union Certifications, an independent certification body responsible for the Bonsucro audit at Biorigin, officially delivered the certification at one of the company’s units.

Maria Elvira Sogayar Scapol, Zilor’s Director of Human Resources and Sustainability, explained the importance of the chain of custody standard certification for the company, “Biorigin’s raw materials were already certified by Bonsucro, and having this certification for its entire chain of custody, makes Biorigin a pioneer in the assurance of the sustainability of the whole value chain.”

The achievement of this certification is a further step taken by Biorigin in the quest to sustainably create value in its production chain, from sugarcane plantations to the customers.

According to Mario Weltman Steinmetz, Biorigin’s Director, “Bonsucro certification offers our customers a reliable guarantee that our products derive from processes managed with responsibility. To be the first sugarcane company in the world to obtain the Chain of Custody Standard certificate for fermentable sugar and yeast creams from sugarcane differentiates Biorigin from the other companies and confirms its commitment to quality, innovation, and business sustainability.”

Simon Usher, CEO of Bonsucro, said “We are very pleased that Biorigin has achieved Chain of Custody certification – it is exciting to see companies around the world using the remarkable power of sugarcane to make and trade ever-more innovative products that support thriving, sustainable producer communities and resilient, assured supply chains.”

About Biorigin
Founded in 2003, Biorigin is a Brazilian company with a global presence that uses knowledge and technology to promote health and quality of life. Using biotechnological processes, Biorigin produces natural food ingredients for flavor enhancement, sodium reduction, and shelf life extension. It also develops animal nutrition ingredients for feed enrichment and animal health. Its portfolio of food ingredients includes yeast extracts and derivatives, and natural flavor enhancers for different applications, helping to provide salty flavors, body, mouthfeel and umami. We offer solutions for sodium reduction, masking metallic notes, and providing greater nutritional value in food products. The Animal Nutrition segment works with the concept of functionality, developing products that improve animal performance, health, and welfare. Our products are developed from specially-selected yeast strains according to exclusive biotechnological and controlled processes, and are natural sources of beta-glucans, mannans, proteins, amino acids, nucleotides, organic minerals, and B vitamins.

About Bonsucro
Bonsucro is a global organisation which believes in the power of sugarcane, believing it can play a valuable role in solving many of the 21st century’s problems. Bonsucro’s vision is a sugarcane sector with thriving, sustainable producer communities and resilient, assured supply chains. Bonsucro’s mission is to ensure that responsible sugarcane production creates lasting value for the people, communities, businesses, economies and eco-systems in all cane-growing origins. Bonsucro’s strategy builds a platform to accelerate change for the largest agricultural commodity in the world – sugarcane. Bonsucro is based in London, UK, with regional representations, and a global network of 480+ members, representing all areas of the sugarcane industry, including farms, mills, traders, intermediaries, buyers and civil society organisations.

Visit the Biorigin website, HERE.

Visit the Bonsucro website, HERE.

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