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24/08/2017: Antibiotic-free breeding technology revealed at Taiwan Livestock Exhibition

"Livestock Taiwan Expo & Conference", jointly organised by the Council of Agriculture (COA) and UBM Asia, will debut at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Centre from 28-30 September in Taiwan

This international exposition brings together manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers in livestock industry to exhibit animal feeds, feed additives, vaccines, meat processing equipment and high-efficiency livestock treatment systems to deal with animal manure, wastewater and livestock dead body.

Featuring “Innovation,” “Eco-friendly” and “Sustainability,” it is positioned to be a one-stop comprehensive livestock B2B trade show and provide a complete business networking platform. The business model of Taiwan Livestock industry is changing rapidly from individually-owned to enterprise management. 

Fortide consists of nutrient peptides and is a high-quality raw
material for the feed industry. It is prepared from carefully selected
plant protein and is processed by enzymatic hydrolysis into
small peptides.
Image credit: Taiwan Livestock 
The rising awareness of food safety had driven European Union to ban on the use of antibiotics as growth promoters in animal feed enters into effect on January 1, 2006. This action gave fresh impetus to antibiotic-free breeding and boost animal husbandry’s ideas of sanitary feeding environment and the development and use of animal feed additives.

Despite “antibiotic-free breeding” is highly praised, the livestock farming has been facing many issues and challenges amongst the feeding process. It seemed to have unlimited prospects, but there are some obstacles to overcome.

Take swine farming as an example, the formulation of scientific immune procedures and regular monitoring of antibody levels are necessary to the control of swine intestinal health and growth performance when adopting antibiotic treatment. 

Probiotic products specifically used for water systems
can also apply in animal water treatment to reach
antibiotic-free purpose. 
Image credit: Taiwan Livestock
As a result, using animal feed additives has become one of antibiotic-free strategies to extend animal feed nutrition and increase swine productivity and gut health improvement. Cottonseed protein, for instance, is prepared from carefully selected plant protein and is processed by enzymatic hydrolysis into small peptides to improve animals’ appetites as a result of high digestibility and feed attractants.

This small peptide product derived from liquid enzymatic hydrolysis technology without fermentation and acid hydrolysis is appropriate to every kinds of feeding animals. Besides, probiotic products specifically used for water systems can also apply in animal water treatment to reach antibiotic-free purpose.

A multistrain direct-fed microbial feed additive for pelleting feed, a patent lactic acid bacteria is characterized by high solubility and low nutrient source to improve animal intestinal microbiota and immunity and feed intake. 

The new generation of Phytase, Natuphos® E, is built upon BASF’s
long term experience and expertise to ensure fast and efficient release
of phytate-bound phosphorous and other valuable nutrients.
Image credit: Taiwan Livestock
Hailing from 23 country brands, there are more than 50 items of animal feed additives using probiotics as the key element to showcase in the show. The conference theme will also focus on antibiotic-free technology.

Alltech, China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co. (CCPC), Synbio Tech, Kanvergen are invited to share the latest technologies and trends of antibiotic-free production, animal health management and feeding strategies.

The new concept is expected to bring advanced ideas for benefiting livestock industry.

The three-day event will be held within “Livestock Taiwan Expo & Conference” from 28 to 30 September, including business matchmaking and seminar series.

Concurrently held with “Asia Agri-Tech Expo & Forum” and “Aquaculture Taiwan Expo” at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Centre, the Livestock Taiwan exhibitions will reveal the strength and competitiveness of Taiwan supply chain.

Pre-registration for free admission is open online.

Visit the Livestock Taiwan website, HERE

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