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13/11/2017: Sustainable Ocean Summit 2017 session spotlight

Social License and the Blue Economy: Understanding Societal Constraints to Blue Growth

The ‘social license to operate’ plays a fundamental role in securing the future potential of ocean sectors and the broader ‘Blue Economy’

Obtaining and maintaining this social acceptability is essential to all ocean industries, but is experienced differently across the various ocean economy sectors.

Importantly, the loss of social license in one sector may have ramifications for other ocean users, i.e. the loss of social license by one company in one sector may impact societal trust in a wider range of ocean users and the broader concept of a Blue Economy.

In addition, while social license challenges may be different across sectors, there are likely to be significant benefits in sharing lessons learnt – including innovative approaches to building community trust and support.

The Australian National Centre for Oceans Resources and Security (ANCORS) and Wageningen University are collaborating with the World Ocean Council at SOS 2017 to deliver a unique workshop on the social acceptability of ocean-based industries – work that should be of keen interest to every ocean company concerned about their future.

The objective of the social license workshop is to develop a strategic, cross sectoral and systematic assessment of the social license challenges and opportunities within the Blue Economy. The workshop will aim to facilitate the sharing of information on best practices and lessons learned by different sectors in addressing social license through interactive discussions.

The workshop will be run by scholars with expertise in studying and assessing social license of industries and will include speakers from a range of sectors, including:

• Offshore Energy: Bill Staby, Resolute Marine
• Shipping: Peter Hinchcliffe, ICS Shipping
• Fisheries: Dannie Hanson, Louisbourg Seafood
• Seabed Mining: Samantha Smith, Blue Globe Solutions
• Oil and Gas: TBC

In conjunction with this workshop a survey has been developed to assist the researchers and the business community in their understanding of the different ways social license questions are being understood and addressed across the Blue Economy.

All WOC members, and the broader ocean business community members are encouraged to participate in this survey, especially if you are unable to attend the workshop.

The ocean economy and social license survey is available, HERE.

The outcomes of the workshop and questionnaire will be collated and analysed for inclusion in a report to the ocean business community via the World Ocean Council and academic publications.

Additional participant information
Notes will be taken as part of the workshop which will be used to inform broader research into the Blue Economy and social license being undertaken by the organisers. No references to individuals will be made as parts of these notes. If you do not wish to have your views or opinions included in these notes please notify the organisers. You are still welcome to participate in the workshop as well as the questionnaire for which we also guarantee anonymity of respondents. You will not be asked to disclose any intellectual knowledge or financial details. You will not be asked any questions which will expose you to financial or legal liability. Involvement is voluntary and you may withdraw any data that you have provided, including notes from the workshop, at any point in the process, with no negative implications. The workshop process has been reviewed by the Social Sciences Human Research Ethics Committee of the University of Wollongong. If you have any concerns or complaints regarding the way this research has been conducted you can contact the UOW Ethics Officer on +61 2 4221 3386 or email rso-

For further information please contact the workshop organisers.

Dr Michelle Voyer
Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS),
University of Wollongong, Australia
Ph:+61 2 4221 4653

Judith van Leeuwen
Assistant Professor Environmental Policy Group,
Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Ph: + 31 (0)317 483917

Visit the event website, HERE.

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