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14/11/2017: Nutrition technology shines in global fisheries and aquaculture competition

Images courtesy of Nutrition Technologies
With a strong performance in the Fish2.0 competition in Palo Alto last week, Nutrition Technologies has emerged as a rising star in the sustainable aquaculture sector.

 The Fish2.0 competition is designed to connect seafood businesses with investors to grow the sustainable seafood sector, and is sponsored by USAID and a range of charitable foundations. The competition focus is on finding businesses which have both great products and strong growth potential, and also have a demonstrable social or environmental impact, and since its inception in 2013 has grown to showcase 40 innovative companies in this year’s competition.

 Championing the alternative protein sector, Nick Piggott, CEO of Nutrition Technologies highlighted both the commercial value of insect-based proteins and oils, and the positive social & environmental impacts it can have.

 “We came into the competition thinking that our main impact was on the environment side - as every tonne of insect-meal we produce can replace at least one tonne of fishmeal in feed. However, looking at our production model and the benefits we have to the end user - small-scale aquaculture producers in SE Asian countries - we realise that replacing fishmeal with insect-protein in aquafeed can help stabilise the price of feeds, making it more accessible to smallholders."

Nick Piggot - CEO of Nutrition Technologies
 “The selection process was rigorous - it’s a really tough competition” said Nick. “But we found that it asked some really relevant questions, which has made it easier for us to talk to investors, because we have already answered most of the questions that they’re asking."

 Competing alongside Nutrition Technologies in the Fish2.0 were two other insects-as-feed manufacturers, highlighting the progress that the sector has made in recent years. Insects are in the wild diet of many farmed aquatic species, so it’s much more natural than feeding them, say, soybean and rice bran.

 “SE Asia is the ideal location for BSF production” said Tom Berry, Nutrition Technologies’ COO. “Black Soldier Fly are adapted to the tropics, so producing in SE Asia allows us to produce more efficiently than in northern latitudes. The climate is ideal, meaning we don’t have to provide energy-intensive heating or lighting, which reduces our environmental footprint. This is also one of the world's top aquafeed manufacturing regions so our clients are all on our doorstep, reducing our Greenhouse Gas emissions from logistics, so we can produce a price-competitive feed ingredient and reduce our environmental impact. It’s win-win."

 Investors, including David Tze, and sector funds such as Aqua-Spark were also impressed by the range of technologies in development, from satellite imaging to on-the-spot water quality testing. Other exciting products in development included seaweed-derived feed additives, sustainable sea-cucumber farms and all-natural fish preservatives, being developed across the world. There is obviously a lot of energy in the sector, with innovations coming from all over the globe, and specific competition tracks encouraging innovations from regional, and thematic areas, such as supply-chain transparency and product traceability.

 The competition’s success this year, and its development over the last three iterations, moving from US to a global-focus, and increasing the number of applications to 284, has led to another change in format, likely to attract even more entries next year, and continue to drive investment in the sustainable seafood sector in years to come.

 For more information about the Fish2.0 competition, Contact sandra@thinkshiftcom.com, Thinkshift Communications

Company info
Nutrition Technologies is a producer of insect-based proteins and oils in South East Asian. Operating since 2015, Nutrition Technologies has developed proprietary technology and systems to farm Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) in a carefully controlled, closed system. Nutrition Technologies is working with partners across the region to develop innovations in aquafeed technology, and is actively seeking investment.

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