Tuesday, November 14, 2017

15/11/2017: What will be in 2040?

by Antonio Garza dr Yta

The vision we have today of the future will define what we will be in 2040

I had the opportunity to attend the event organised by the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico, headed by Enrique de la Madrid Cordero, where the vision of Mexico for 2040, "Tourism in the Global Vanguard" was raised.

The event, in addition to being very well organised, I think could serve as an example to all aquacultures, especially in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean, so that we begin to sit down and talk about how we are positioned both inside and outside our countries in a short, medium and long term.

I would like to comment on some topics that were discussed and that caught my attention:

1. Education - In the case of aquaculture this has been a very delicate case. What is the first chicken or the egg? We have produced generations of unemployed graduates. Perhaps what we have lacked is to be part of a broader state vision. What is certain is that the generation of Technicians is fundamental, it takes people from the field, operational and not just people who are dedicated to research. They need both generalists and specialists, and for that we have to define which universities will do it, where they are or should be located, what capacities they all have, what facilities they would acquire those capacities and how many specialists in each branch will be needed. We have to take advantage of the limited resources we have, commit ourselves to quality and make the strategic alliances necessary to fulfil the objectives that we draw.

2. Business Environment and Investment Promotion - It is not about giving money, it is about giving facilities. It is about that the investors do not have to enter in the corruption to acquire permissions; that they can move their product freely at any time they want, without having to worry about extreme security measures. It is that they will not give preferential treatment to the neighbor for being the son of a politician; which will not unnecessarily tax the inputs or allow unfair imports that do not pay the taxes that correspond to them for the benefit of few. The moment we can convince investors that the environment of our countries gives security to their investments, then not only will aquaculture grow, all economic activities will grow. Perhaps we should make sure that this happens as soon as possible, since all countries in the region could be developed countries for the next generation.

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