Tuesday, July 10, 2018

11/07/2018: Aquaculture comes in many shapes and fashions

by Sven-Olof Malmqvist, AwF Board of Trustees, Owner at Grytåsa

One has to establish that the “new aqua production” is what the poultry production was in the past (and still is) fast growing item with white meat production on the the behalf of traditional meat production like meat and pork. The consumer pattern is clear so both aqua and poultry will gain in popularity.

First, we have the corporation side of the business, huge enterprises with quarterly reports to the shareholders, fair to say that the salmon production worldwide starting with Norway as the leader and Chile as a runner up then you have Canada, US, Scotland NZ, Tasmania etc is still in growth even if prices on salmon varies a lot during the fiscal year.

Undoubtedly the salmon recon to be a very healthy alternative to red meat with all the constraints in terms of sustainability, methane emissions, feed conversion rate usage of resources etc.

Globally Catfish, Tilapia are produced more in tonnage but is a more scattered industry. Another lucrative business is shrimp which seemed to be production at the moment with highest investment rates.

But there is a possibility for the smallholders in developing countries to establish a sustainable aqua production in order to provide for the family and in the end also create a stable income over the years.

But in order to get it going there must be taken some initiatives which can improve the rate of success. Feed is one major factor, another is the environment and management and simple training.

Aquaculture without frontiers (AWF)is one example of the NGOs who tries to encourage smallholders production with fundings, trainings, scholarships among other activities to improve the production.

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