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23/07/2018: More than 200,000 salmon counted and analysed in less than one month in one cage

by Morten Holm, Sales and Services, iTecSolutions, Flekkefjord, Finland

iTecSolutions Systems & Services has presented its newly developed online version of the biomass estimator BIO3000. The system gives fish farmers a unique insight regarding biomass, average weight and weight classes of fish in each cage.

“The system measures and estimates the biomass of 3000-9000 salmon per day and has shown a deviation of only 1.1 percent on average, when comparing the results with the customers’ slaughter reports,” says general manager Svein Kenneth Krossli.

iTecSolutions Systems & Services BIO3000
Image credit: iTecSolutions Systems & Solutions

“At one of our customers’ locations, we have analysed more than 110,000 salmon in one month. This great amount of data provides great knowledge on the growth phases of the fish. Recording continuously in the same cage throughout the life cycle of the salmon, provides a great insight to how the fish develop through the seasons,” Mr Krossli continues.

The system records and analyses the fish 24/7 and continuously sends updated results to an Office365 account. The Office365 account allows users to log on from wherever they are. “Customers can choose whether to purchase or lease the BIO3000 systems,” Mr Krossli adds.

“More and more customers want to lease systems, allowing them to measure continuously in the same cage from deployment to slaughter. This, in addition to full control on growth, can also provide important information to the sales department, providing them with accurate knowledge about average weight and weight distribution.”

The dashboard is a Power BI solution that can be customised to the customers' wishes. The dashboard shows information regarding the amount of measured fish, average weight, weight classes and growth. Customers can extract analysis based on months, weeks, days and even down to 10-minute intervals.

“We just attended the Aquaculture UK convention in Scotland,” Mr Krossli says, “and received requests from customers in Norway, Scotland and Chile. In Chile, we are working to establish contact with an agent with knowledge about, and contacts in the market there. We expect this to be in place well before October, when the BIO3000 team will be attending the AquaSur convention in Chile. We have also sold several BIO3000 systems during the recent weeks. The delivery time is currently seven to eight weeks”, Mr Krossli adds.

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