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24/07/2018: Case study: Lift Up

“Vectors for diseases” – Decreasing mortality rates through efficient waste removal

Mortality and feeces is a major concern in modern aquaculture.

Fish carcasses are a vector for diseases and infections that can lead to further mortality if not removed effectively and efficiently. In Sea farms, this is not only an issue within the aquaculture environment it can also threaten the wild fish population and marine environment, making quick removal of carcasses a necessity.

There are different methods of removing carcasses. The traditional process utilises lifting basket which can be labor intensive and time consuming, often resulting in long retention times.

Removal of carcasses
However, an impressive new technique is the removal of carcasses via Airlift.
For example, the company Lift Up produces a compressed air fed conical device which is placed at the lowest point of each aquaculture net/cage.

The Lift Up system, utilises a KAESER rotary screw compressor to provide quality compressed air which assists in the retrieval and transfer of the carcasses through tubing onto the barge or boat. Once recovered, the carcasses are separated from the contaminated water, which is then discharged at a depth of 40 metres.

This innovative, efficient system is a great way of reducing the risk of further mortalities and the pressure on the environment.

Read the full article, HERE.

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