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05/11/2014: How to protect yourself when working with grain

Reproduced from Safe Farms, Manitoba

Please be careful when climbing grain bins to open hatches or probe them, when using grain handling equipment, and while transporting grain.ii
Grain walls can let go quickly. Pick at them from outside the bin with a long pole. Reproduced from Safe Farms, Manitoba

And certainly try to avoid entering bins to help improve grain flow and break crusting. Manitoba’s Safe Farms program provides the following tips on how to control the hazards from its “Flowing Grain Entrapment” fact sheet:

Entrapment in flowing grain:

  • Take precautions to prevent falling into grain bins. DO NOT overreach into bin openings.
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when working with grain (e.g. respirators, eye protection, etc.).
  • Ensure anyone required to enter a bin uses a body harness connected to a lifeline, secured to the outside of the bin.
  • Train workers, family members, and visitors to your farm (e.g. contractors) on the dangers of flowing grain.
  • Place warning decals or signs indicating “Danger: Flowing Grain Hazard” on all bin entrances and grain holding structures, including grain carts and truck boxes.
  • Turn off and lock out power controls on unloading devices before entering bins.
  • Develop and put in place a written entry and rescue plan.
  • Never work alone. Have at least two additional workers or family members trained in rescue and confined space safe work procedures at the bin to assist in case something goes wrong.
  • Keep children off of grain vehicles and out of bins at all times.
  • Install ladders inside and outside of bins.
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