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19/11/2014: News from Plymouth

Plymouth University, UK, has a rich history of fish biology and aquaculture research dating back over 30 years. These research themes are an integral part of the University’s world renowned marine science base. In this inaugural monthly e-Newsletters from the aquaculture and fish health research group at Plymouth, Dr Daniel Merrifield tells us about the recent participation of Plymouth’s students at Aquaculture Europe 2014 at San Sebastian.    
Plymouth University, UK

Presenting your research at an international conference is a rite of passage for PhD students, and our aquaculture and fish health researchers at Plymouth University travel the world each year presenting their cutting edge research at a range of conferences and symposia.
Dr Daniel Merrifield is flanked by Tilly Geoghegan and Ivan Marquetti of International Aquafeed at Aquaculture Europe 2014 in San Sabastian, Spain recently

Recently, our PhD students Peter Bowyer, Alex Jaramillo Torres and Gabriella Do Vale Pereira presented their work on fish gut health and nutrition at Aquaculture Europe. Peter, supported by Alltech, Plymouth University and the Technology Strategy Board (Lupins in UK Agriculture and Aquaculture), gave a presentation demonstrating the benefits of a solid-state fermentation product (Synergen) in improving digestive morphology and capacity of rainbow trout fed high-lupin diets.

Alex is funded by COLCIENCAS (the Colombian governmental agency of Science, Technology and Innovation) and Lallemand SAS. Alex presented data from his recent Atlantic salmon experiments in collaboration with BioMar and Nofima which demonstrated that the probiotic Bactocell could populate the salmon intestine and promote positive antiviral transcriptional responses in the salmon intestine. 

Gabriella presented a poster on her CAPES Foundation (Brazilian government) funded project on the gut microecology and health of Pirarucu, which reported the presence of antibiotic resistance genes present in lactic acid bacterial populations in the pirarucu intestine.

These presentations were warmly received and stimulated follow-up discussions with academics and industrial stakeholders.

“The high scientific quality and direct commercial relevance of the research carried out by the fish health research group at Plymouth is making a huge contribution to our understanding of the importance of gut health in aquaculture and should be acknowledged as world leaders in the field“ Dr John Tinsley, of BioMar’s R&D centre UK.

It is becoming increasingly clear that maintaining microbial balance in the intestine is essential to promote fish health. Plymouth University is at the forefront of this field and the first book on this topic - Aquaculture Nutrition: Gut Health, Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISBN: 978-0-470-67271-6), was edited by Daniel Merrifield and Einar Ringø, and published by Wiley Blackwell in October 2014.

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