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07/11/2014: EuroTier 2014: DLG Showcase “Growth in Water”

At EuroTier 2014, DLG is for the first time arranging a showcase in the Marketplace for Aquaculture addressing the topic “Growth in Water” and with the help of partners is enabling visitors to cast a “look into the water”. 

The concept is to grow biomass in the water and not “from the land”. This showcase in Hall 17 Stand B09 will be focusing on the diversity, innovation and potential of water as a production medium.ii

Aquaculture covers not only fish production, but also stands for controlled production of aquatic organisms in general, in other words crustaceans, mussels, microalgae and macroalgae. According to FAO, more than 500 different aquatic organisms were farmed and utilised by humans in 2012 (FAO Sofia, 2014). This includes 350 species of fish, approx. 100 species of mussels, 50 species of crustaceans and 40 different algae and aquatic plants. 

The diversity of aquaculture is enormous, with various organisms in a wide range of farming methods in both fresh water and salt water (sea farming), and presents a genuine challenge for new markets and concepts. While catch yields are stagnating, aquaculture is excelling on an international basis, with constantly rising production figures and reached approx. 66 million tonnes in 2012. This figure does not yet include aquatic plants, which account for a further 23 million tonnes.

The Showcase “Growth in Water” is the result of the huge international interest in aquaculture, water conditioning and water treatment experienced at previous exhibitions. As well as arousing curiosity, the showcase displays the diverse options for using water by showing visitors exhibits and highlighting interconnections and synergies with nutrient and energy cycles (feedstuffs, raw materials, heat, etc.). 

DLG is cooperating with a number of partners in the showcase in order to visualise “Growth in Water” as compactly and informatively as possible and to create useful links to different business sectors. 

Find out more by looking at our thematic posters and through the exhibits on photobioreactors and microalgae, fish farming and breeding, raw materials for feedstuffs, aquaponics and heat recovery, mussels, macroalgae, crustaceans and plant-based wastewater treatment systems.

The DLG is working with nine partners to organise this special area:

  • Microalgae production in photobioreactors (GICON)
  • Manufacture of aquariums and tank concepts (Karl v. Keitz)
  • Construction of tanks and systems (Kunststoff Spranger)
  • Fish farms, aquaponics and energy concepts (PAL Anlagenbau)
  • Macroalgae and bivalves (CRM - Kieler Meeresfarm)
  • Plant-based wastewater treatment systems for water discharged from fish breeding and agriculture (Krüger Pflanzenkläranlagen)
  • Raw materials for fish food (Euroduna)
  • Göttingen University will be displaying African cichlids known as “Tilapia Augusta ®” from practice-oriented research, and
  • the Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR) will be explore the question of whether it is possible to “fly” with algae

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