Wednesday, November 4, 2015

04/11/2015: CNBC video: Start-up bets on fish poop to grow dinner
Magic! From these...... (Image: Hiroyuki Takeda)
This start-up is giving new meaning to having a green thumb. But you need a fish tank, Erin Barry writes for CNBC.

"We've designed the Grove Ecosystem, an intelligent indoor gardening appliance about the size of a bookshelf," said Grove co-founder Gabe Blanchet.

"The ecosystem uses aquaponics, which is where fish and plants live together in symbiosis to grow delicious organic food."

Grove started in an unlikely setting — a frat house.

Mr Blanchet's Sigma Chi fraternity brother at MIT, Jamie Byron, built an aquaponics system by fastening PVC piping together. He then created a setup where the nitrogen rich fish poop fertilised the plants, while in turn the plants cleaned the water for the fish. Mr Blanchet said he admitted being skeptical, but soon enough they had leafy greens, peppers, cucumbers, even tomatoes trellising up the side of the unit.
   these! (Image: liz west)
Read the full article and watch the video HERE

Visit the Grove site HERE

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