Friday, November 20, 2015

20/11/2015: Antarctic Krill and accelerated growth rates

by Olivia Holden, International Aquafeed Magazine

First published in International Aquafeed, September-October 2015

Aquaculture feeds frequently have several different ingredients with independent and combined benefits.

“Feed for farmed shrimp, salmon and marine fish share one aim – to improve the feeding response,” says Nils Einar Aas, Sales Director, Aker BioMarine Antarctic.

“Antarctic krill meal from Euphausia superba is a feed ingredient that does exactly this. It accelerates growth.”

And accelerating growth at the right time promotes filet quality and in addition quantity in terms of fat content, pH, colour and firmness.

What is good for the consumer can be good for the producer. Accelerated growth is profitable because greater weight leads to higher value. Accelerated growth reduces production time, which reduces working capital in production and increases profitability.

Feeds are composed differently and each ingredient has attributes that are carefully considered in amounts and quality. Fish feed is often made from a mix of maize, soya and other commodities, various ingredients and micronutrients. Certain ingredients accelerate growth and improve performance; still others replace more costly fishmeal, fish oil, soy lecithin and cholesterol. Many feeds try to speed up growth, increase yield and improve the quality.

Aquaculture feeds’ raw materials and ingredients’ prices vary widely. Prices usually reflect the value given to the feed and the actual supply and demand situation. Raw materials with higher value are often nutrient dense, contain high quality nutrients, have one or more essential nutrients and they can bring additional value to a product like taste or colour.  

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