Thursday, November 12, 2015

12/11/2015: BioMar part of FAO and GSI expert panel
Michael Adler, R&D Manager Americas, BioMar
Michael Adler, R&D Manager Americas, represented BioMar at a workshop organised by FAO in a joint effort with the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI). The workshop aimed to analyse the potential for reducing aquaculture GHG (Greenhouse Gas) contributions and increasing sustainability of aquaculture.

The event took place in Liberia, Costa Rica on 9 – 11 November 2015 and brought together well-known experts on aquaculture feeds, feeding and environmental issues and management, along with FAO experts and representatives from GSI.

There were a number of presentations, where the topics of discussion focused on the potential to continue reducing feed conversion rates (FCR) in salmon farming and other species, the assessment of the current GHG contributions of aquaculture, and the transfer of feeding technologies from salmon farming to other freshwater species such as tilapia, carps and catfishes and marine shrimp.

Michael Adler's presentation was on 'Improving Feeds and FCR: the perspective from salmon farming (feed quality and management) and how the lessons learnt from salmon industry to be used in tropical freshwater species'. 
  • In the great scheme of things it was not long ago that FCRs in Salmon farming were above 2, large efforts in R&D and innovation in the different factors influencing salmon production has led this livestock sector to be one of the most efficient, with potential FCRs close to 1, said Michael Adler.
  • Improving FCR and the feeding process to reduce environmental footprint are challenges that we all can overcome by collaborating, sharing knowledge and working on innovation for improved sustainability, concluded Michael Adler.
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