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07/02/2017: Changing the face of international aquaculture

by Clifford Spencer, Chairman, Milling4Life

Having travelled and reviewed aquaculture activities in Europe, Africa and the Far East upon our reformation in 2016, now as 2017 arrives my fellow AwF trustees and I are planning this New Year’s activities with the full board having met on the January 16, 2017 to discuss plans and aspirations

Clifford Spencer

In particular we were struck by the way in which aquaculture is part of the everyday social fabric in Asia, whereas in the UK it is in a silo with politics and science.

One central thread of our considerations will be the founding principles of the AwF organisation originally formed in 2004, in particular examining how these are best achieved in our rapidly changing world.

So this month I will illuminate readers with some of the driving ambitions of Michael New OBE, our organisations original founder and his trusted fellow founding trustees.

We will of course, also be planning with the additional benefit of modern communication methods perhaps unavailable in 2004, as well as thoroughly considering ways of attracting a changing donor landscape.

National Aquaculture Centre (NAC)
Another tool the reformed AwF in the UK will have is its joint ownership of the new National Aquaculture Centre based at the Humber Seafood Institute Building at Grimsby’s Europarc.

Crucially, the new centre will focus on the entire value chain of fish and shellfish farming: breeding and physical production techniques, transport and marketing, to waste management.

It will also look at ways to promote greater seafood consumption as the UK population currently eats only half of the chief medical officer’s recommended dietary intake of seafood for heart and brain health.

Aquaculture offers the prospect of supplying a larger range of fish and shellfish for public consumption and its associated health benefits particularly with the UK’s ageing population of which the writer is a member!

The first task for the centre is to set up the Michael New library and Michael has donated books for it and Plymouth University has donated the entire library from one of its satellite facilities that is no longer in use.

The idea is for it to become a specialist aquaculture library for everyone from professionals and students, to local schoolchildren to use.

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