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22/02/2017: Nutritional solutions for better health and sustainable aquaculture production

Dr Alexandros Samartzis is the Senior Technical Service Manager for Evonik (SEA) Pte. Ltd. based in Singapore

The global aquaculture industry has undergone several transformations during the last decades, driven not only by health, nutritional and production challenges but also by consumer perceptions and market demands

The two main drivers are the rapidly increasing population and the growing demand for seafood.

Alexandros Samartzis 
As aquaculture gets more intensive in order to cope with the global market demand, exposure and susceptibility to disease challenges are also increasing.

In the particular case of the shrimp industry, since Litopenaeus vannamei was introduced to Asia and gradually replaced Panaeus monodon, the global shrimp production has reached new heights.

Through the years a number of diseases such as; infection myonecrosis virus, acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease and enterocytozoon hepatopenaei have caused a devastating reduction in production in most of the countries.

Therefore, the threat of disease is a reality that the farmers have learned to live with.

The global trend to restrict or ban the use of antibiotics in animal production, as well as the demand for more sustainable food production, has created the need for new management solutions and strategies to fight against the pathogens that the fish and shrimp are suffering from.

In this context natural growth promoters and health solutions started gaining more interest and a place in the feed formulations.

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