Friday, February 17, 2017

17/02/2017: Optimising animal health and decreasing mortality

New, all-natural additive for shrimp production

Innovative field-tested research shows decrease in bacterial infection and increase in survival rate. Optimizing animal health and decreasing the mortality rate in shrimp production are vital for its profitability and future.

Image: NOAA's National Ocean Service
Prioritising these demands, Dr Eckel now releases Anta®Ox Aqua – the definite all-natural health additive, developed to fit the needs of modern intensive shrimp production.

Anta®Ox Aqua has proven effective in laboratory trials as well as under commercial farm conditions, demonstrating a breakthrough for the profitability of shrimp farms throughout the world.

In South-East Asia and Latin America, Anta®Ox Aqua is cost-effective even under very competitive market conditions.

It is highly concentrated and works at low dosages, leaving enough space in the feed formula for maximum energy and nutrient density. It also doesn’t interfere with medications and water treatments.

Anta®Ox Aqua offers a natural solution meeting exactly the demand for a healthy and efficient fish and shrimp production – perfectly in line with today’s consumer perceptions in regard to food safety and animal welfare.

Lab results reconfirmed in large-scale field trials Anta®Ox Aqua can directly decrease the bacterial infection and increase the survival rate of Pacific White Shrimp – in the lab as well as in the pond.

Trials conducted in cooperation with the renowned Kasetsart University in Thailand (Dr. Niti Chuchird,) gave spectacular results under laboratory conditions.

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