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24/02/2017: Aquaculture without Frontiers, the appointed solicitor trustee

by Simon Birks

As a 16 year old student reading law at “A” Level, I was sure that Law was the vocation from which I would gain the most satisfaction and pleasure

I did not however appreciate just how much this vocation would afford the chance to meet so many kind, generous and benevolent individuals.

Simon Birks
Turn the clocks forward by more years than I care to mention and now I find myself and our law practice working with many business owners who, as well as their day to day business operations, wish to use their positions, success and contacts to create long-term legacies that have as their foundation, the purpose of making lives better for those less fortunate than themselves.

Prior to accepting this role I have been fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to join a trustee board on more than one occasion, particularly in relation to charities that I have assisted in the formation of.

On each occasion, I have been incredibly humbled by the invites and simply overwhelmed by the dedication of those who would be my fellow trustees. However I declined each of these as I felt that I could add little to the board other than my legal and regulatory experience.

Accepting the Role
So why now accept the role of ‘Solicitor Trustee for Aquaculture without Frontiers Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)’?

The answer is embedded in two of my fellow trustees; Roger Gilbert and Tuti Tan.

It was their passion to use Aquaculture and the amazing opportunities it brings, to change the lives of those in developing and transition countries.

With the position and AwF, I feel there is scope to make a real difference, and I am convinced that whether great or small, AwF will undoubtedly result in saving lives.

Objectives of AwF Roger and Tuti explained the history of AwF, the former charity that existed in the UK prior to its handover to AwF USA and how they would dearly like to resume the work of AwF in the UK.

That was the start of project-renaissance that would ultimately lead to AwF UK (CIO) being ‘reformed’ in February 2016. As part of that process, the Trustees were required to state what the ‘Objects’ of the CIO would be.

We decided that this should not be overly complex and therefore we agreed that the object should be “To Promote Sustainable Aquaculture Development for the benefit of the public by the relief of poverty and the improvement of the conditions of life in developing and Transition Countries”.

We also took the opportunity to clarify that Sustainable Aquaculture Development is the “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” and Aquaculture, under the CIO objects is “the farming or aquatic organisms including fish, molluscs, crustaceans and aquatic plants”.

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