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21/04/2017: Mexico among the top ten tilapia producers in the World

One of the fish species produced in aquaculture farms in Mexico of greatest consumption and popularity is tilapia, which is also known as mojarra, and which represents a food solution for the Mexican population

Image: Etienne Mahler
According to the following press release from the National Commission of Aquaculture and Fisheries, so popular is this rich fish that 50 percent aquaculture farms in Mexico produce it.

70 percent of the national volume is provided by five states of the country, Chiapas occupies the first place with 28,782.03 tons; Followed by Jalisco with 27,739.13 tons; Michoacán in third with 9,663.14 tons; Veracruz fourth with 8,762.11 tons; and Sinaloa is the fifth with 8,285 tonnes.

The importance of tilapia in Mexico is preponderant since the country is the ninth largest producer in the world, China where 1,698,483 tonnes is produced. Another fact to highlight is its commercialisation, which is mostly at the national level, although this product has been imported to meet demand, exports have gone up generating US$ 31.9 million from the 4,340 tons exported.

In addition, tilapia is an especially rich fish with great nutritional benefits because of its high protein content, low in mercury and high in docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is essential in pregnancy and cognitive development in infants.

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