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28/04/2017: Responsible Aquaculture Foundation launches new seafood safety courses

Three new online courses from the Responsible Aquaculture Foundation provide education and training in seafood safety - a topic of fundamental importance to the aquaculture supply chain

‘Seafood Safety for Aquaculture Products’ introduces the topic by identifying potential food safety problems at aquaculture farms and processing facilities, and the layers of management required to control them.
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‘Good Manufacturing Practices at Aquaculture Processing Plants’ describes a range of practices that comprise the foundation of a sound food safety program, including health and hygiene for workers, regular cleaning and sanitising, and pest control.

Employee training and routine monitoring should be elements of everyday operations, too.

‘Aquaculture Compliance With US Food Safety Modernisation Act’ explains the changes FSMA is driving in food safety regulations and implications for buyers. These include more inspections and prevention of persistent food safety problems at farms and processing plants.

Some FSMA rules affecting aquaculture became effective in 2015, with others scheduled through the next five years.

"Seafood is one of the most internationally traded proteins, and aquaculture production chains can be complex and fragmented," RAF President George Chamberlain said.

"It is the responsibility of each link in the chain to stay well-informed and vigilant about seafood safety. These courses - and the ones to follow - help identify potential problem areas and recommend how to deal with them."

Seafood safety issues can develop during both the farming and processing of seafood as a result of microbial, chemical or physical contamination of seafood products.

Effective seafood safety controls focus on the prevention of problems and are arranged in layers that reflect increasing specificity.

Monitoring at receiving is a key point that links controls between farming and processing. RAF's seafood safety courses are being developed under the direction of Dr Steve Otwell, professor emeritus from the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Florida.

Otwell's work involved applied research and extension services in addressing seafood product quality and safety from production through processing to retail and food services.
Links to the new courses are grouped under the heading of "Seafood Safety." Additional courses in this study area will be available soon.

To take the free courses, log in HERE.

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